1. SNYC

    Singles Boo Blades - Hands Up

    Anyone :flabbynsick: remember this? He was on Smack DVD. Kay Slay even did some promo for him He had some grimy looking video chicks That video was :picard: And non NYkers used to use this against us when mentioning bad rappers :stopitslime: NSFW VERSION - sorry about the quality...
  2. Hater Eraser

    Mama wasn't playing ... Get smacked upside the head by a Humpback Whale Fin Karen !

    Video : WA snorkelers injured by whale :usure: :ufdup: A woman has suffered serious injuries after being struck and injured while swimming with humpback whales off the coast of Western Australia. The Australian woman, 29, was with a tour group at the popular Ningaloo Reef on...
  3. Tunechi

    Throwback: Lil Wayne Talks To SMACK About Nearly Signing To JAY-Z, Juvenile Beef + Birdman Loyalty

    In today’s throwback clip, which you can check out below, Lil Wayne can be seen giving an interview to SMACK on his tour bus for their iconic street DVD series. This part appeared in SMACK DVD Volume 13 and it was filmed in 2006 after the release of Wayne‘s Tha Carter II album. During their...
  4. M

    Vladtv interviews #GMB gang founder

    Peep the chain:banderas: #GMB for life
  5. M

    What y'all think about battle rap?

    I know there's a pretty big community of battle rap( it even got a section here on the coli) but even tho is entertaining isn't not as big as wrestling or basketball of course. We in the community love the battles and the behind the scenes fukkery but I always wonder for you outsiders or...
  6. xCivicx

    Dopest Rap Battle I've Seen in a While...

    Get bodied by your own infant brehs
  7. B

    JC vs Ave

  8. red smack who is this

    red smack who is this

  9. ReasonableMatic

    Hot97: SMACK & Beasley talk the rise of URL (Ultimate Rap League) in the digital age

    @FreshAIG @Brooklynzson Y'all know SMACK & Beasley from the SMACK DVDs which featured artists like With battles at the end of the DVDs that became famous like Shout out to @DEAD7 @FreshAIG @dutchie @Phillyrider807 @MicIsGod @Big Jo @Ineedmoney504 @Walt @Brooklynzson @T-K-G @Ronnie...
  10. FreshAIG


  11. R

    SMACK Says Shotgun Suge vs Tsu Surf Will Go Down!

  12. Farrinto

    Jadakiss 40 Bars of Terror Appreciation

    Oldhead told me you can't save money you useless :dame: And all you gone ever have is excuses boy :ufdup: I'm just makin it clizzear The chizzamp is hizzere The gizzame is mizzine nikkas This yizzear :blessed: