1. Tunechi

    Throwback: Lil Wayne Talks To SMACK About Nearly Signing To JAY-Z, Juvenile Beef + Birdman Loyalty

    In today’s throwback clip, which you can check out below, Lil Wayne can be seen giving an interview to SMACK on his tour bus for their iconic street DVD series. This part appeared in SMACK DVD Volume 13 and it was filmed in 2006 after the release of Wayne‘s Tha Carter II album. During their...
  2. ReasonableMatic

    AR-AB sets up OBH's C.Dot vs General Reezy, only for C to end up gettin BODIED!! COTDAMN!!! [VIDEO]

    (08:58) Reezy pulled out the strap and went off like the SmackDVD days! Son took it back to them "K over the shoulder, two Berettas, I'm Rambo" days :whew: Philly nikkas are born to rap man :wow: :russ: at AR-AB having to call "TIME!:damn:" on Reezy, cause shyt was OVERKILL at that point