1. M

    Free smoke for the dolphins

    Tua a left handed bytch Andy Reid made Tyreek Miami frauds Mike McDaniels a bytch who look like he should be selling Bitcoin not coaching ball Enjoy Cancun :camby:
  2. Jaguar93

    Brolic Police bruh calls for smoke, and quickly walked it back.

  3. bong hit damn

    bong hit damn

  4. BaileyPark31

    Question: Can Vaping/Smoking Cannabis Change Your Personality?

    I'm asking because I have a sibling that started smoking a couple yrs ago. She was already a bit "off" and young minded, but it just seems like now she's just a bych 24/7. I think she has a narcissism disorder to begin with but the smoking has made it even worse. She just acts completely...
  5. Jean Jacket

    Problem- Stressin

    I'll be back L.A. :wow:
  6. stressed mjcry

    stressed mjcry

    so stressed he had to light a L. LOL!!
  7. Hater Eraser

    Tombstone Bytch Slap ..

    :heh: You ever see anybody get did like this in real life ? I was outside a club and MC Hammer pulled up with goons in tow . Some Cac started talking spicy about Hammers rapping skills . The he got all loud and said " fukk Hammer ! ":snoop: While he was giggling and laughing with his buddy...
  8. God Almighty

    Smoke for Trump thread

    Agents have been posting too much criticism of Joe Biden. Several brehs have pointed out that we need smoke for Trump. This is the appropriate thread for exactly that. Post your smoke for Trump here.
  9. Another Man

    Calling out EVERYONE

    Run up get done up :pacspit:
  10. RJThaGreat

    4/20 2020 Playlists Pandemic Edition

    Right let's get it. Post yo 420 jams I'm tryna vibes... :feedme::myman:
  11. Another Man

    So Im waiting to see.... many of these social media captain american ass gun toting trump sucking racist cacs who stay saying muslim this, isis that, are gonna go enlist:mjgrin:
  12. mjlit2 + blunt

    mjlit2 + blunt

  13. L2014

    Can we bush @Haitianp*ssypatty and his fitted?

    Obviously dude has some zesty ass mexican demons on his back. New Yorkers y’all gone stop this muhfukka from bringing y’all more Ls? What about my Haitian brehs I know this ain’t y’all get down @HaitianPattyFromNYC who held you down in that bodega man?:mjcry: Someone get em an ice pack to...
  14. Cuban Pete

    I just asked my homeboy for the fade. Was I in the wrong?

    Aight so little background. This is my man from way back, we were cool as shyt in middle and high, and still talk/occasionally game together. But he's married to this white chick who said some racist ass shyt to one of my cousins and he never checked her on it, they closer friends than me and...
  15. Marco Andretti

    Sorry 90's NY babies but the South had another Story to tell ..

    Biggies "A Story to Tell" was a classic.. Whether it was made up.. Or not (according to fat joe) .. Idk Beautiful story (NORE vc) :lolbron: Anyways.. us South nikkas had a different story we grew up on .. I remember listening to this as a jit .. Like :leon::ooh: For many this is...
  16. Smoke weed

    Smoke weed