1. kdslittlebro

    Raptors president Masai Ujiri wants to 'fight' for wrongly accused after post-Finals incident

    'I lost a moment. People have lost their lives' Raptors' Ujiri: 'Have to fight' for wrongly accused What did Adam Silver think of this?
  2. R

    Wait For It: When Snake Handling Goes Wrong!

  3. Drew Wonder

    Throwback: Carlos Santana and His Band High As F*** at Woodstock

    Santana: A Legend Is Born at Woodstock - Joe Bonamassa One of the greatest live performances of all time, but these dudes were GONE :mjlol:
  4. Sauce Dab

    Another day of nature wildin: snake grabs and eats bird from a light pole :damn:

    Snakes getting too creative :damn:
  5. luckyse7enz

    You brehs have a voicemail greeting set up?

    This chick left me a message on my voicemail the other day, and in the message, she says something along the lines of "Who has a voicemail greetings anymore? Anyway, call me back." :usure: My boy commented on it in a message too, "Caught me off-guard with that professional-ass voicemail...
  6. M

    LOL @ KDs reaction when ppl mention the 2016 WCF(video)

    I don't understand why dude seems so uncomfortable with his decision still. He got his ring
  7. JesusFOREVER

    Mitch Richmond disses KD

    "Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors...and Kevin Durant" :russ: Rock telling it like it is:wow:, KD a frontrunning traitorous fakkit who nobody respects, especially hall of famers:blessed: Inb4 mad KD stans flood this thread with "b-b-but KD way better than Mitch ever was!" :sadbron...


    Not just Bari sociopathic, IG thot paralleling histrionic personality disorder suffering headass, but the whole damn mob :scust: Whole rap game fukked up from da underground to the top :dame: Finna shark sum of this cuz I'm too lazy to gather everything individually :win: Everyone and dey...
  9. Remote

    I need Kangaroo reflexes in my life brehs

  10. A

    First Carmen, Now Rachel Roy....Jay Z The GOAT Hip Hop SNAKE

    And that's why there can only be one KING :ahh: