1. FAH1223

    Gregg Popovich on why he's still coaching Spurs during rebuild: "You really get to watch guys grow..."

    The Spurs, a justifiably proud franchise, are only two years into their retooling. And everyone in the organization — an organization that won five NBA championships between 1999 and 2014 and contended in just about every other season during that stretch — had to make their peace with it. They’d...
  2. FAH1223

    The Wizards have lost 10 in a row! UPDATE: Streak broken @ PHX on 12/20/22

    10 straight losses. Wes Unseld Jr. is the worst black man head coaching a team in the NBA (prove me wrong). Here’s the schedule next couple weeks. @ PHX @ UTH @ SAC PHI PHX @ ORL @ MIL @ MIL @ OKC
  3. Da_Eggman

    Got More Picks Than A Little Bit:The Miami Dolphins 2019 Season Thread

    "A loss ain't a loss, it's a lesson" — Shawn Carter @Samson @Remote @intruder v6.1 @madness @Da_Eggman @Stepintoaworld @Meh @Sauce Dab @number21 @Alexander The Great @SoulController @Ain't That Something @mcellas @Freddie.Cane @d o L o b @He Who Posts Well @Alpha Dog I can’t see...