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  1. TheEmpress

    Bruse Wane, Talks RZA vs DJ Premier & Tekashie 6ix9ine On His New Show

    BRUSE WANE - LAUNCHES NEW HIP HOP LIVE STREAM SHOW Wane Enterprises and Bronx New York Hip Hop artist "Bruse Wane" launches a new live stream show "Bruse Wane live" The show is set to air weekly with Wane giving his insight and commentary on "Hip-Hop News" "World News" & "Entertainment News"...

    Rza and Jim Jarmusch are pitching "Ghost Dog" as a TV show, written by Rza

    Q: These characters are so fully fleshed out that they feel like friends by the time your movies end and we miss them. Have you ever considered revisiting your characters? Jim Jarmusch: No. I kind of like to leave them alive and out there. I don’t like to draw a curtain at the end of the film...
  3. LevelUp

    The RZA Has Directed An Episode of Marvel's Iron Fist

    The Marvel/Netflix shows are doing a fine job of bringing in great directors. In a recent live stream, Finn Jones was asked about the musical inspiration that influenced Iron Fist and revealed that Episode 6 of the upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series will be directed by legendary rapper and...

    RZA Responds To Social Media Attacks In OF Light Azealia Banks TMZ Interview, Update: Banks responds

    Banks response:
  5. IronFist

    Banks & Steelz (Paul Banks & Rza) Ft. Ghostface Killah – Love + War + Video Added

    This is a radio rip and I don’t have much info about Banks & Steelz. This is a bit different, definitely not the Wu sound you’d expect. Listen here ------>> Banks & Steelz (Paul Banks & Rza) Ft. Ghostface Killah – Love + War (Stream) @erickonasis @KravenMorehead™ @YourMumsRoom @Craig Doyle...
  6. IronFist

    RZA Vibe Interview On Impact of OBFCL

  7. IronFist

    Easy Mo Bee Recalls Working With RZA, GZA & ODB Before Wu-Tang

    Famed producer Easy Mo Bee has worked with plenty of notable artists over the years, including RZA, GZA, and ODB, who were unknown at the time he met them through their manager Melquan. The Brooklyn-born producer shared a story about how Melquan used to bring various members of Wu-Tang to his...
  8. KingsOfKings

    RZA and System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian on Long-Delayed Duo Achozen

    After a decade-long wait, the unlikely pairing of Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian are finally releasing an album's worth of music. The duo had first announced their project Achozen (pronounced "a chosen") in the mid-2000s, around when the bassist was hyping an...
  9. Bugsmoran

    Man Rza murdered Gza on this track "split da fukk up like Mike Jack and Tito"

    Rza went ham on this track and that beat was hard. That's when Dj Muggs was in his prime... He made the beat sound more Rza'ish than Rza could
  10. KingsOfKings

    Rza will direct "It Doesn't Have To Rhyme"

    Believe it or not, there are a lot of Wu-Tang Clan fans out there. And not only for their musical interpretations. Wu- Tang Clan members RZA (pronounced Rizza) and Method Man (Clifford Smith) often turn up in movies as actors. In 2012, RZA (real name Robert Diggs) directed a middling film...
  11. Remy Danton

    The Truth Behind Raekwon, Ghostface & RZA Beef

    :patrice: anybody can confirm what he is saying as true?
  12. IronFist

    [New Music] Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - "Return Of The Savage" f. Raekwon & RZA

    @Insensitive @Newark88 @2meo @Hades @Firefly @Funcrusher @TezMilli @Billy Ocean @OnlyInCalifornia @West Coast Avenger @Foxmulder @stomachlines @NormanConnors @DEAD7 @KILLAKUTT7 @WuGambino @Wallychamp @Yoda @EA @torcher @UghhFan @MichaelStrathanGap @Deltron @Memory Man @Art Barr @NVious...
  13. IronFist

    RZA sits down with Studio SX (Interview)

  14. Remy Danton

    The Man With The Iron Fists 2 (2015) (New Clips)


    Rza interview: Talks ABT, Rick Reuben, Kanye, OUATIS

    After all these years, are the fundamentals the same when Wu-Tang hit the studio? The process of making music has changed a lot. The industry has changed, it’s shrunken, and the music has become less tangible and less physical into something more digital. But we appreciate those things in some...
  16. moneyel

    Shabazz The Disciple Talks The Bible, RZA, Gravediggaz, Sunz Of Man and More!

    Legendary rapper Shabazz The Disciple breaks down the correlation between the events in the bible and the trials and tribulations of black people. He also speaks on his past history of RZA Shabazz The Disciple Talks The Bible, RZA, Gravediggaz, Sunz Of Man and More! Visit...
  17. Wacky D

    CHIP MATCH: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony vs. The Wu-Tang Clan