thot bop

  1. Smith Smack

    Megan, Cardi, Nicki, Trina, Kim all get backlash for their music but it didn't start with them.

    Long Before Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, Jacki-O and Khia, there was the First Lady of Rap-A-Lot, Choice. The only female reppin the South with brash, bold, sexy lyrics. Choice released two albums; The Big Payback and Stick-n-Moove. Texan female rapper Choice debuted on Rap-A-Lot...
  2. Smith Smack

    Sukihanna says she got the juice now

  3. BruhManFromTheFifthFlo

    Y’all risking everything to smash this social justice thot?

    She a social justice feminist thottie. Knowing the climate we in with that #MeToo screen, you risking it? :patrice: