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    Herman and Helton Battling For A 2-1 Start: #22 USC Trojans @ Texas Longhorns

    It's time for the rematch. You already know the history between these teams. Two of the greatest squads in NCAA history met up in the Rose Bowl thirteen years ago. We all know how that ended. Then they met up again last year. This shyt was a classic too. Sadly, the Trojans knocked us out...
  2. No Sleep

    The OFFICIAL 2017 College football RANDOM THOUGHTS thread

    Lets get it. South Carolina - @UserNameless @Illin Degenerate @Killah Ray UGA- @The ADD @AVXL So Cal - @Silkk FSU - @no1es run this @Lucky_Lefty Texas - @dtownreppin214 @macpat @lightskin jermaine @jay211 @Spade @rantanamo @DAlbert @satam55 @TXSuperman713 OSU - @smitty22 @MustafaSTL @Buckeye...