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  1. Low End Derrick

    Black Hebrew Israelites are now Fighting pro-Palestinian protestors in the UK

  2. Low End Derrick

    London Incel Stabs 15 Year Old Girl because She Didn’t Accept Flowers From Him

  3. Low End Derrick

    UK Police PAWGs struggle to 'Subdue' 2 Brehs

    PAWG cop to the right utilizing an "interesting" technique to apprehend the breh in crocs...:patrice:
  4. Low End Derrick

    UK Breh Walks into Stranger's Home & Steals Old Woman's Dog; Boasts about going VIRAL; Walks Free from Court; On Piers Morgan's Show

  5. Low End Derrick

    Asian Woman Post Video of Gentrified Neighborhood In London; Brit Brehs Mad

  6. Ahadi

    Which girl did the best?

  7. M

    Domicic cummmings,UK prime minister aide:"Blacks have a lower IQ than whites"

    By Stephen Castle Boris Johnson Aide Quits After Furor Over Racial Comments Feb. 17, 2020 LONDON — The warning signs may have been there last month when Dominic Cummings, the influential and iconoclastic aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, invited “weirdos and misfits” to apply...
  8. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    How long do you think this UK/NY Drill wave will last ?

    Let's discuss this. Do you see it taking over 2020 ? Will we see veterans like Fab and Meek hopping on AXL and 808 Melo and other UK drill type beats ? Or do you think this phase will be short lived ?
  9. M

    Official The Official Grime/UK Rap/UK Drill Thread

    2020 edit changed the thread topic title, this thread will be now be more about the uk music scene instead of just grime. "Grime" Grime, also known as 8-bar, sublow and eskibeat, is a style of British music that emerged in Bow, East London. It was developed by teens of mostly African and...