1. J.D. Walker

    Why are there Black men on this site suddenly having admiration and fondness for racist white men?

    Shyt is weird:patrice:. :mindblown: Mf's expressing and professing in threads how they'd proudly dap a racist white man up and make money together as long as they get to be “bros” in public :skip: Mf's allowing racist white men to call them the n-word (among other things) and not checking...
  2. sas unimpressed computer screen

    sas unimpressed computer screen

    bored stephen a smith watching looking at computer screen
  3. Jamaican SAS Unimpressed

    Jamaican SAS Unimpressed

  4. Shin Ibushi

    Shin Ibushi

  5. unimpressed child

    unimpressed child

  6. Statute of Liberty unimpressed

    Statute of Liberty unimpressed

  7. Ados Sas Unimpressed

    Ados Sas Unimpressed

  8. Unimpressed Michael Jackson

    Unimpressed Michael Jackson