1. Antwon Mitchell

    Wow smh...they did my friend wrong with her sandwich order...straight violated..what y'all think?

    So my friend (who I personally know) from Syracuse posted this on her timeline last night...I guess she went and brought a sandwich or something after she got off work from doing late shifts I guess... To get to the point, long story short nikkas violated that sandwich...cause that doesn't look...
  2. Rhapture

    Secretly filming your sex partner vs Sharing screenshots of private texts

    Are they equal offenses?
  3. Drew Wonder

    Utah Cop Arrests Nurse After She Refuses to Let Him Take Patient's Blood

    First of all :salute:this nurse for standing up to that pig and protecting her patient. Having said that I'm noticing that she's getting a lot of support from the "let's wait for all the facts" crowd :mjpls:I wonder if that would be the case if she was....yeah ya'll know the rest Videos show...
  4. Fade Runner 2049

    Let's discuss the Warriors final possession

    And how the cavs had 6 players on the court:mjpls: With 2.3 seconds remaining Kevin Love steps on the court, should this have been a tech ? Would have been a free throw and the ball for a final shot :lolbron: