west african women

  1. M

    Where are the West African women at?

    :mjcry: Something in my heart is calling me towards a West African soulmate. I took a DNA test and found out I'm 41% Ivorian/Ghanaian & 23% Benin/Togolese, and ever since I can't get them off my mind. For some reason I can't find NONE in Miami:why: There's a teller at my bank from Benin, she's...
  2. M

    Nigerian tribal stereotypes

    Nigerian Tribes Stereotypes - Culture - Nigeria Is this true? Do Yoruba women have the fatty?:mjgrin:
  3. SirReginald

    African Muslim Women Appreciation Thread "VOL 1." (Come In & FEAST 5-STAR THREAD)

    I plan on doing this with BOTH African Muslim women and Ethiopian Jewish women. However, I want to spread women in a positive light no matter their shape and size @Jayne :win: