1. wire28

    If the Niners don’t win the Super Bowl where does it rank among all time choke jobs? UPDATE: ALL TIME CHOKE JOB!!

    The whiners are clearly the class of the NFL. Best GM. Best coaches. Best QB with the complexion for protection. Best RB who wears skullys in his player profile picture. Best WRs. Best defense. Best home field. Best city. Best fan base. Second place is far far behind them. It’s not a matter of...
  2. wire28

    Been WHINING all a year for a second chance…Whiners/Eagles Official Thread

    let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a time when a nfl coaching super genius decided to use a second string tight end to block one of the leading edge rushers in the league To a time when a 350 lb man decided to show how tough he was by throwing around a player half his size To a time...