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    The importance of food within Ifa [ Zella Palmer interviews Joseph Baba Ifa ]

    Culture & Flavor Podcast Interview with Zella Palmer I Our Roots Podcast July 23, 2023 Joseph Baba Ifa is a Babalawo in the Yoruba Lucumi spiritual traditions of Cuba with over 20 years of experience in the Ifa and Orisha culture! Born in Hialeah, an area of Miami, FIorida many consider...
  2. get these nets

    Concert marks 75 years of Dizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo collaboration, fusing music genres

    *the late Dizzy Gillespie speaking about the collaboration with Chano (8 minute clip) @Yehuda
  3. Jean Jacket

    Singles Olamide - Motigbana

  4. SirReginald

    Brazil Has Made 'Yoruba' An OFFICIAL Language

  5. B

    BAD Season 2: Day 24 - Rank Nigerian women!!!!(Westside Is Best Side)

    Yesterday's Apocalypse :eek::eek: African-American women-9.522 For day 23 and like everyone expected... Last years champ laid carnage to every contestant in the series with a obliterating score of 9.522. Their new lead lady Ryan Destiny(along with Ashanti) was just as unmerciful as Taylor...
  6. The Odum of Ala Igbo

    Yorubas, Igbos and other Cement Political Ties in Nigeria - A New Beginning?

    Handshake Across the Niger: Southern leaders demand proscription, recognition of Myitte Allah, herdsmen as a terrorist groups - Vanguard News A comment from a Yoruba man: A comment from an Igbo: Let the NORTH QUAKE WITH FEAR
  7. M

    Nigerian tribal stereotypes

    Nigerian Tribes Stereotypes - Culture - Nigeria Is this true? Do Yoruba women have the fatty?:mjgrin:
  8. B

    Afro-Atlantic 001: Cuba and Yoruba

    I would like to introduce a new series to The Root that highlights connections between Africa and its diaspora in the so called New World. I will try to focus on connections between specific ethnic groups in Africa as we know that most of the nations of present day Africa have European made...