“AEW should have pushed Omega, Cody, Jericho&Bucks to the moon during their first 6 months”-Meltzer

Discussion in 'TSC' started by Brad Piff, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Toe Jay Simpson

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    May 12, 2012
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    Cleaner appears to be coming byke

    There might be some hope
  2. Stop_It_5

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    Nov 19, 2016
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    Saying they need an Austin type is like saying a basketball team needs a Jordan type.
  3. Art Barr


    Apr 30, 2012
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    get the titles off cost and Moxley.
    tired of watching duhtay's son.
    try to be the son in law.
    while acting like the son in law but saying i am not the son in law.
    two, , I am tired of moxley's wannabe rehash of scsa meets bret heart's music as well.
    As Moxley was a hopeful in WWE because he was a hardcore guy in czw who could briliantly talk.
    in the indy's tho. He was no more than what if necro butcher was more proficient in psychology at best. At this point, both mox and Cody were never top of the top on the indy's. So asking people who are indy fans to have carryover for WWE guys. Just because they were in the WWE has been what makes aew a chore to watch as far as the title picture.

    next for Cody to go over Darby Allen and murderhawk makes no sense.
    Plus you eliminate black kids from watching aew.

    as you got all the ethnic guys as some oddball prison industrial economy bullahit play. Of which private party or party boys are the only plus. Who still are in basically a naomi role. When they should be the tag champs going against the inner circle's lax/proud and powerful.

    get rid of the whole WWE castoff and make it aew.
    not they used to work in the wwe.

    when cody is not his fsther. Plus your brother's weirdo androgyny bullsbit needs to nit be in tv. In any form.

    which means eliminate sonny kiss and that man terroriing the women's division asap. They should not be on tv.

    sorry they do not belong and this whole carny they have a place shyt is why they are losing too.

    cody needs a kid. As he would see having them in tv is counter productive to producing a draw period.

    it is to the point,...all the good will of what aew is.
    is lost because of weirdo shyt that should not even be therra d should not have a home in wrasslin. If ADRIAN Adonis never got a televised title shot[I saw the house show countout win encounter of the goblin].
    Plus goldfust failed to draw having a sex change and fake breasts. Why would you continue to make a show built around a failed draw.

    the problem with aew is it fownplays the heroes for WWE nonsense. That should not be there because this is not the WWE. This is aew.

    The only good WWE csrryover shyt was mjg carrying Billy gun. Which was probably by accident.

    also not having brody lee best Moxley set them back. As lee is a better worker and character than Moxley.

    Plus has a villain edge of what a heel is.
    for aew to bury lee and now cage for Moxley is complete bullshyt. That a casual would probably not watch till Moxley and cody is no longer champion.

    till aew gigurss out how to make a star of carny allin by having him win. They will fail ultimately too.
    As that is their star and they don't even know it. When it is the only obvious thing on aew programming since it aired weekly.

    art barr

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