3D Printed Skin Tissues by L’Oreal and Organovo

Discussion in 'Higher Learning' started by The axe murderer, Apr 1, 2021.

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    I found an article from 2015 that goes into further detail than the one you found:

    3D-Printed Human Skin Could Revolutionize Medicine and Cosmetics

    According to the article, at the time, the annual production of artificial skin was equivalent to the hide of one adult cow. figure with processing power and quality of prints, the annual output nowadays is probably four times the amount or more.

    while there are gilded projections about the future of 3d printed skin, the foul undercurrent is the unspoken and probably more realistic conclusion.

    chameleon-like skin grafts that shift hues according to the average degree of the people in a crowd around said individual ( that's a wild ass personal prediction based on how our current tech projections are)

    overall though, this intrigues me; had me thinking about the background of cyberpunk 2077, and the continued stroll into transhumanism we're all doing, whether haphazardly or with intent.

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