AEW - "The Story of a Mark and His Money.." Edit: Scapegoat has arrived in Chicago.


Apr 2, 2017
Instead of wasting on big ass contracts...Tony must delegate managing AEW..

and quit fukking booking hes not good at it..hire a booker somebody who knows the business

as much as i hate the young bucks and those elite idiots AEW is good for wrestling fans


The Manslayer
May 2, 2012
It’s alot to unpack with the Punk/Ariel interview but it wasn’t scorch the earth worthy. There’s old shoot videos of wrestlers burying companies and talent that were way more ruthless than this. Punk is Punk but he was more diplomatic and gave his side to all the events that led to his firing in AEW.

I can understand Tony hating Jungle Jack for the rest of his life but he allowed that situation to fester and it eventually exploded at All In.

The atmosphere Tony created is what caused all the drama and in fighting by not being a leader. Khan is supposed to be the principal but instead acts like the substitute teacher that lets his class run wild.

Punk said nothing wrong about AEW’s issues and a lot of his points were made in this very thread. What he said about MJF was very interesting. Once MJF started catering to the mark audience is when he started to fall off as a performer and a character. He wasn’t wrong there either.
The interview was honestly fairly tame outside of the stuff about Jungle Boy
Saying AEW is not a real business isn't burying, it's a damn factual statement :russ:

I felt the stuff he said at the All Out scrum was 100x worse and also in a setting that was completely inappropriate. I would've fired him on the spot and it really showed how much of a p*ssy and how toothless that Tony Khan is that he didn't do a fukking thing about that. That was wild disrespectful to have popped off like that right next to your damn boss.
fukk Vince but you would never see a wrestler pull any shyt like that with them or even with Triple H now.


Heavily Armed
Sep 14, 2013
The 718
I agree with you that's why I said in my post there that in the age of cord cutting these shows aren't exactly as "DVR proof" as they used to be... All the big highlights of the shows are on Twitter like minutes later and then segments of the show are uploaded to YouTube etc.. or people watch an abbreviated version of RAW on Hulu or whatever. There's a lot of different ways people consume wrestling now.

Live attendance shows that WWE is as healthy as they've been in YEARS....

Meanwhile in AEW, attendance has been way down except for the odd show like 'Big Business' or the PPVs...

The ratings don't really mean much to AEW I don't think because they seem to be doing well enough to the point where WB is probably fine with it.

But attendance is a major issue for Dynamite/Collision.
I think it was Meltzer that said Vince had always used live attendance and the audience reactions as the biggest gauge of how well the product is doing. If people are flocking to your shows with ease, you've got a hot product people will throw down a hundred bucks to see in person.

Of course there are differeces at play now too - WWE runs less shows these days, meaning they're not in cities as much as they used to be and so it's a bigger deal when they're in town...and they can charge more for tickets.