Kyrie Irving opts in.... Will stay with Nets

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Aug 16, 2015
I dont see what the Nets would get out of that deal.
$35.3M trade exception and getting under the cap

And again none of this matters because Ky is just using the Lakers, Bron/Handy reunion, KD threats as leverage and it will work.

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May 11, 2012
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This is more Klutch propaganda. It’s over Bron Bron, you’re stuck with Russ

I don't even understand how this works money wise or why it's being discussed. It makes no sense. And what sense does it make for the Nets to play along with this.

Why would this come from Klutch??

This is coming from Kyrie’s agent to try and create leverage in a situation where he has NONE


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May 6, 2012
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Alright, all jokes aside, this is how I think the Lakers could pull this off (this is contingent upon Kyrie actually wanting to play for LAL):

1. Kyrie opts OUT (not in, like most people say), becoming a free agent.

2. Opting out, Kyrie contacts the Lakers and tells them he wants in, so they need to do whatever they need to do to get out from under Russ. This has to be done on the low, so that other teams don't move to stop the Lakers from moving Russ to prevent the acquisition of Irving, like Popovich does. :pacspit:

3. The Lakers IMMEDIATELY move Russ to whatever team needs an expiring contract, most likely Charlotte, and sweeten the deal with the 2027 pick. Some of y'all ain't gonna like that, but a potential future with AD and Irving leading the Lakers for the next 4 years is more important than some dude that's currently in middle school.

4. Kyrie gets 30-36 million, and the Lakers have 11-17 million left to fill out the roster. Bring back Melo and Dwight, and look at Monk like this:


A roster of Bron, AD, Kyrie, Melo, Dwight, Reeves, Stanley, Monk* and some 3 and D guys is championship caliber in this NBA climate :banderas:

Alternatively, Kyrie can opt-IN, but this would require the Nets to work with the Lakers to get rid of one of their premiere players. This is clearly the more difficult option and one that, although possible, runs the risk of other teams getting involved, or Brooklyn not moving. And the problem is that it would have to involve Russ, who Brooklyn has no desire for, and would piss off Durant and maybe cause him to move.

Opting in requires too many moving parts, but it's *technically* possible.

Sign and trade triggers the hard cap and makes it basically impossible for the Lakers to fill out the roster, so that's out.

And then kyrie Lebron and Anthony Davis play a total of 15 games together and they miss the playoffs and Lebron leaves

And you have no picks til like 2028