Russell Westbrook: If we win a championship, cool. If we don’t, I’m OK with that too. life goes on


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Jun 28, 2012
I'm not saying the East wasn't weak compared to the West but your argument is that AI had all this talent around him and was taking advantage of playing against bums on his way to the Finals. Idk how you can say that when Reggie, Vince and Ray each had a better supporting cast around them.

2001 NBA Eastern Conference First Round - Pacers vs. 76ers |

2001 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals - Raptors vs. 76ers |

2001 NBA Eastern Conference Finals - Bucks vs. 76ers |
Cassell or Robinson led the Bucks in scoring 3 out of 7 games. Milwaukee was legit and matched up better against the Lakers than Philly and actually swept LA during the regular season. They weren't bums.

Mutombo and McKie didn't exactly set the world on fire. Majority of the time got outplayed. Great defensive team, but they couldn't create on their own and their buckets came as a result of the defensive attention on Iverson. Mutumbo only played half the season for them and McKie wasn't really a 6th man when he started half the games he played in due to injury. Lynch and Snow missed time. The whole team was banged up. Who was gonna get a bucket when AI went to the bench?

Even then you never addressed my original point. AI vs Russ. Their careers aren't the same. Russ has had HOF level talent around him at every stage of his career. AI didn't have the luxury to defer to someone else to take the load off like Russ has. Whoever provided the reporter that quote comparing the two is lazy.

Vince and Ray (to lesser cause of Cassell, Thomas, Robinson) had trash teams, especially Toronto, you quoted Antonio Davis as an Allstar but he was 33 plus backup to Dale Davis/Rik Smits(who I actually liked game wise) bum assess..

AI is tier above Russ just because of the way game is played, but similar career arches...

Maybe I'm getting old but how many people on this forum trying "WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS (i.e. giving they all at work), it's false narrative from NBA fans and media....

I see nothing wrong with what Russ said honestly