Scream 7 Greenlit And Will Film This Year


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May 27, 2012
The year 3030
The Scream film franchise took quite the hiatus between 2011’s Scream 4 and 2022’s Scream. The newest installment has successfully revived the brand, however, with Scream VI having been quickly put together. Now it looks like Scream 7 is on the way next.

The latest installment in the franchise is still several days away from hitting theaters. But fans are already becoming restless as Ghostface’s return to the big screen draws nearer – and now it appears the studio is preparing to meet the demand of fans who want more.

We’ve received news from our sources that a follow-up to Scream VI has been officially greenlit. The tentatively-titled Scream 7 is being prepped to shoot this year. It looks like the studio hopes to have this film shot and released as quickly as its predecessor.

If anything, this means that Paramount is quite confident with their upcoming release of Scream VI. Of course, it’s unknown what exactly the storyline will involve since Scream VI has yet to be released. But it certainly looks like we could expect yet another Ghostface killer to rise to the occasion. Hopefully we’ll have more news on that front soon – especially as Scream VI is officially released.

The Scream film franchise debuted with its eponymous film in 1996. The self-aware slasher film became a major success following word-of-mouth and a sequel was released in 1997. A third film, titled Scream 3, was released in 2000. It wouldn’t be until eleven years later that Scream 4 rebooted the brand in 2011. And despite a short-lived television series, the original continuity didn’t make a return until 2022. Now it’s clear we’re in the full swing of things – with the most momentum the franchise has seen in decades.

Fans will be able to see Scream VI when it hits theaters on March 10, 2023. Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates on the Scream horror film franchise as we have them