So shotti wanted to clap 69 baby mama "women and kids can get it"

Discussion in 'The Booth' started by Max., Oct 14, 2019.

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    I really didnt want ur definition of psychopath because it's a clinical thing and even what the consider psychopathy can vary...
    Like violence is not necessarily a specific trait of a psychopath... but I get what u were saying.

    The part I wanted to get to... and I kinda already knew what u were going to ur definition of a gangsta.
    You definition of a "gangsta " is just a regular street nikka.
    nikkaz that get money, might go to jail sometimes, maybe fight a couple nikkaz before. Got shot before... maybe shot a somebody before.
    Those are the average street nikkaz.

    But then u have gangstaz, people who give there life to fukkery and mayhem.
    These are the nikkaz who do drive by shootings where schools are at. And kids get hit
    Will shoot ur mother...
    Always in jail. They stab nikkaz for no reason. Will rob innocent dudes, and women for no reason.
    Some of them are part of bigger organizations or bigger groups of gangstaz... who kidnap and torture ppl.

    Recently I was watching some vids on the beginnings of UBN... and it reminded me of those times when bloods were initiating nikkaz. And nobody was safe from a razor. That included ur momz.
    These nikkaz took pride is savagery.

    When I said to u that nikkaz would kidnap ur kid, sodomized them and throw them in the river...
    I wasnt just saying that...
    But those kinda stories were alil before my time, pre-crack and during crack epidemic. So I dont actually know the ppl that did those things...
    But u heard about the actions.

    When I brought up Rich porters 12yr old brother, U said the person that did that was a psychopath...
    Yes... he (they) are psychopaths but that's the shyt that gangstaz do

    Fun rapping wit u tho... love a good debate
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