1. FAH1223

    Disney Considering Sale Of ABC, Other TV Networks Except For ESPN Disney CEO Bob Iger opened the door to selling the company’s linear TV assets as the business struggles during the media industry’s transition to streaming and digital offerings. Iger appeared Thursday on...
  2. FAH1223

    MVP Forces on a Collision Course: Official Bucks @ Celtics XMAS Thread

    This is the first meeting between both teams since the Eastern Conference Semfinals in May. Boston defeated the then-defending NBA champions in 7 games. Milwaukee was missing its 2nd best player but had its opportunities to close the series. Tatum and Brown have been on a tear and the Celtics...
  3. FAH1223

    “There’s an NFL Game on.. TONIGHT?!” - Official Rams @ Packers MNF Thread

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. A year ago these two teams seemed destined to meet at Lambeau Field in the NFC Championship game. The reigning MVP folded and sold in the divisional round against the 49ers again (plus special teams disaster) and the Rams were able to play at home in the NFCCG...
  4. Anerdyblackguy

    No Lebron James No problem? NBA playoff ratings sees its highest viewership in a decade

    :lupe: Crazy part is the amount of people who have traditional tv dropped by 23 percent over the decade and yet the NBA increased its ratings. :lupe: And the crazier part is the NBA fan base are the most cord-cutting friendly yet putting these numbers
  5. Ahadi


  6. FAH1223

    ESPN replaces "The Jump" with the "NBA Today"

  7. FAH1223

    NBA on ABC/ESPN Halftime = Terrible!

    :gucci: Got Maria Taylor juelzing fast Jay Williams goes from mellow to rushed Jalen with a one liner Two minute segment Then 13 minutes of commercials :scust: Thank God there’s TNT and that Turner operates NBA TV. Atleast you have some sort of analysis and video breakdown on halftime...
  8. Anerdyblackguy

    NBA is seeking $75B for next TV package: Framework of deals with Disney (ABC/ESPN) and Amazon reached. Comcast (NBC) pushing out WBD (TNT)?

    NBA looks to quadruple annual price in media rights talks - CNBC Mar. 22, 2021 1:45 PM ETAT&T Inc. (T)By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor3 Comments Now that the long-running NFL media rights negotiations have come to a close(and analysts have picked the details clean for information), time to turn...
  9. FAH1223

    NHL returns to Disney (ABC/ESPN) on 7 year deal; NBC pulls out; TNT gets the other half of TV rights

    :whoo: And will we keep hearing the NHL on NBC as we have since 2006?!
  10. FAH1223

    New NFL TV Deals with Disney, NBC, FOX, CBS, & Amazon yield $110 billion over 11 years

    Report: Fox ready to spend US$2bn a year to keep NFL Sunday package US broadcaster willing to increase investment to retain rights beyond 2022. Posted: September 24 2020 By: Sam Carp Getty Images Fox currently pays US$1.1bn per year for NFC games, plus US$660m for TNF ‘Other networks’...
  11. BaileyPark31

    The New ABC Song !

    :damn: change it back!
  12. Bigbigguy

    Anyone watching A Million Little Things

    It's my favorite new show of the fall. It's basically ABC's answer to This Is Us
  13. The Gimp

    Why does the NBA rely on espn and ABC so heavy?

    ESPN is dying more every year and no one takes ABC sports seriously.
  14. HopeKillCure

    ABC Network is Creating a New Sitcom About a Undocumented Family Living in America (no George Lopez)

    :mjlol: :russ: "The Asylum" or "2 and a half aliens" was already taken:lolbron: :Deadtrumper: These cacs ain't shyt. :mjgrin: ABC greenlights sitcom about undocumented family living in US
  15. Bigbigguy

    Marvel's The Inhumans coming to ABC Fall 2017 (Starts Sept 29th)

  16. The American

    ABC playoff coverage unappreciation thread

    In the 90s, NBC would show playoff tripleheaders on Saturday and Sunday. All day long basketball on free TV, then the nightcap on TNT. Dr J, Ahmad Rashad, Bob Costas, Doug Collins. Piff pre and postgame coverage, dope intros and the GOAT theme. shyt was a1. Now we gotta deal w ABC only...
  17. Wallychamp

    ABC's The Real O'Neals Tuesday's @ 8:30 p.m.

    Anybody watching this... Show is hilarious... :russ:
  18. The American

    Just how anticlimactic is this year's NBA FInals gonna be?

    And yall thought 2002 was a waste of time. shyt's gonna be more awkward than the Super Bowls after Dallas faced SF.
  19. satam55

    Marvel's "Agent Carter" Season 2 Thread (5/12/16 Update: cancelled)

    SDCC is going on this weekend & Summer TCAs is in a couple of weeks, so time to start a new thread.
  20. satam55

    The official Marvel's "Agent Carter" Season 1 DISCUSSION Thread