1. B

    Idaho woman shares 19-day miscarriage on TikTok, says state's abortion laws prevented her from getting care

    https://abcnews.go.com/Health/idaho-woman-shares-19-day-miscarriage-tiktok-states/story?id=96363578 Carmen Broesder, 35, said she visited the ER three times before receiving care. By Mary Kekatos Video by Jessie DiMartino January 21, 2023, 1:04 PM An Idaho woman who documented her 19-day...
  2. B

    After Missouri banned abortions, she was left 'with a baby dying inside.' Doctors said they could do nothing.

    https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2022/10/13/missouri-laws-abortion-ban-left-her-with-a-baby-dying-inside-pprom/10366865002/ https://archive.ph/paGfg When her water broke early, doctors told Mylissa Farmer that her health was at risk. She had to travel to an abortion clinic in...
  3. B

    Teen girl denied medication refill under AZ’s new abortion law

    https://www.kold.com/2022/10/01/teen-girl-denied-medication-refill-under-azs-new-abortion-law/ KOLD News 6-6:30 p.m. recurring By Bud Foster Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 10:48 PM EDT TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A 14-year-old Tucson girl was denied a refill of a life-saving prescription...
  4. Florida is stopping a PARENT-LESS 16 YEAR OLD from getting an abortion because "she's not mature enough"...but she is to have a kid?! #BothSides

    These republicans :wow: :mindblown:
  5. Lexington Steele

    Why is it bad that sex can be free from consequences?

    We've all seen these guys who say "I'm glad abortion is outlawed because now these promiscuous women can't have sex without consequences." Why is it a bad thing if sex is free from "consequences"? Why is that morally bad? Sex is fun. You should be having more of it. I think I know the answer...
  6. RARI_Godwind

    Pregnant Texas Woman Asks: Is it Oochie Wally or One Mic with Abortion Laws?

    Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger :mjlol: This fukking country man. Unceasing fckery. Of course the police still gave her ass a citation knowing DAMN well wtf just went on with the law. By definition she is correct and I WILL...
  7. LokBigBoss

    10-year-old girl denied abortion in ohio

    HEALTHCARE 10-year-old girl denied abortion in Ohio BY CAROLINE VAKIL - 07/02/22 9:30 AM ET SHARETWEET ...MORE A 10-year-old girl was denied an abortion in Ohio after the Supreme Court ruled last week that it was overturning Roe v. Wade, demonstrating the tangible impacts that the high...
  8. Luken

    Girls really be getting pregnant like that?

    Listening to good ol' talk radio/npr and theyre talking about how the american women on the boarder states are going to collapse the Canadian healthcare system because they will now be crossing over into canada to now get their abortions:gucci: It sounds like some of these hoes are having...
  9. Alix217

    Kendrick Lamar ending his Glastonbury set with a pointed reference to RoevWade. #glastonburyfestival2022 #RoeVsWade

  10. JadeB

    2Pac was pro-choice

    @1:09. I listened to this so many times and I just made the connection with this line:ohhh:. My respect for Pac grew a million times more:salute:
  11. B

    There’s a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement

    There’s a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement | Randall Balmer Leaders of the religious right would have us believe that Roe v Wade mobilized apolitical Christians. The real story is very different Anti-abortion activists participate in the annual March for...
  12. Yinny

    Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law

    Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law
  13. CrownHeights

    Get packed out preaching Anti-Abortion propaganda in the hood crehs

    "You on camera sir" :whoa: Breh gave him a chance to dip with a 3.2.1 countdown :heh: "I believe the children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way" :blessed:
  14. FAH1223

    Sohh... Roe v. Wade effectively overturned via Texas Abortion Law and SCOTUS

    I maintain the 2014 Midterm Elections were the most pivotal of our lifetimes and no one voted. With Ginsburg being replaced by Barrett, Liberals don't have the 4 justices that can vote to grant certiorari to bring a case to the Court. 3 can’t. Breyer needs to retire ASAP.
  15. FAH1223

    Abortion after six weeks effectively banned in Texas; SCOTUS by 5-4 vote doesn't overturn law

  16. valet

    Meme on abortion and political parties, thoughts?

  17. Rhule the World

    Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

    Seeing the new Supreme Court nominee had me thinking so I made the thread. My apologies if the topic has been beat to death:yeshrug: I'm for the most part pro-life, because I know how abortion had been used as legal eugenics against the black community but I'm also empathetic of women's issues...
  18. ThrobbingHood

    Be honest brehs... how many women have you encouraged to get an abortion?

    I’ve got time today. No duck tales please. There were two occasions, once for my co-worker and another for my cousin’s jump off. We’ll start with my situation first. My co-worker works for the same company as me but not in the same department. We met a few times during corporate events. At...
  19. SirReginald

    Previously Unreleased Poll Shows Alabama Voters Disapprove Of Extreme Abortion Ban

    Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) may have known a thing or two about public opinion in his state when he slammed the abortion ban.Alex Edelman/CNP via ZUMA Previously Unreleased Poll Shows Alabama Voters Disapprove of Extreme Abortion Ban This could be a repeat of 2012, when extremism on abortion...
  20. SirReginald

    Should Fathers Have A Say So In A Woman Having An Abortion?