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    After affirmative action, a white teen Ivy hopes rose while A Black teen hopes sank

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    Black Success, White Backlash Black Success, White Backlash Black prosperity has provoked white resentment that can make life exhausting for people of color—and it has led to the undoing of policies that have nurtured Black...
  3. POST-AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FALLOUT: White woman STOPS SBA MINORITY CONTRACTS after claims of ANTI WHITE DISCRIMINATION; Already had $4m in "women" grants SBA program upended in wake of Supreme Court affirmative action ruling A judge struck down a provision of a federal program meant to help minority-owned businesses, a ruling that could imperil other...
  4. Biden administration urges colleges to pursue racial diversity without affirmative action#NotBothSides

    Heres the guidance:
  5. Tair

    Labor Dept. Study found that White Men filing 'Reverse Discrimination' Claims were Incompetent

    The report, prepared by a law professor at Rutgers University, Alfred W. Blumrosen, found fewer than 100 reverse-discrimination cases among more than 3,000 discrimination opinions by Federal district and appeals courts from 1990 to 1994. Reverse-discrimination claims fell into two categories...
  6. saturn7

    Why Asian Americans Are Leaving the Democratic Party - Newsweek

    Why Asian Americans Are Leaving the Democratic Party | Opinion HELEN RALEIGH , ENTREPRENEUR, WRITER AND SPEAKER ON 1/25/22 AT 7:00 AM EST Why Asian Americans are leaving the Democratic Party | Opinion The U.S. Supreme Court just agreed to take on two college affirmative action cases, and will...
  7. ogc163

    The Question of Affirmative Action: An Interview with Glenn Loury & Michael Sandel

    MICHAEL SANDEL: I wonder if I could begin with a provocative quotation from a lecture you’ve given. You’ve said that affirmative action is not about equality, it’s about “covering ass.” What did you mean by that and what do you think generally about the ethics of affirmative action? GLENN...
  8. Professor Emeritus

    Trump Administration sues Yale for letting in too many Black kids

    It's like every day they wake up and try to come up with a way to appeal even more to White Supremacists. :mindblown: Trump administration sues Yale over use of race in admissions
  9. saturn7

    What Happens When White Women Become The Face Of Diversity

    What Happens When White Women Become The Face Of Diversity Maryann ReidContributor Diversity & Inclusion I write about bold leaders making a big difference. What Happens When White Women Become The Face Of Diversity Recently, Goldman Sachs made an announcement that they will only approve an...
  10. Londilon

    Mixed race people will blacken up to get affirmative action but have allegiance to white people

    Time Stamp: 1:02:12 Tariq is right on time with this one
  11. DrBanneker

    The supposed Black 'stigma' damage

    I have read all these articles over the years (mostly by non-Blacks) bemoaning how damaged Black kids and students supposedly are because of the stigma due to diversity and affirmative action initiatives. They all seem to have an anecdote of a Black person they know rendered emotionally insecure...
  12. Jimi Swagger

    Trump's Color-Blind Pro-Business Policies Will Help Black Entrepreneurs Too

    A growing body of research has shown the power of entrepreneurship to help solve the economic problems of disadvantaged groups such as women, immigrants and racial and ethnic minorities. This finding can be traced to a longstanding vision of entrepreneurship established by black Americans as a...
  13. Jimi Swagger

    Some Tech Companies Are Trying Affirmative Action Hiring—But Don't Call It That

    In an effort to diversify their workforce, businesses are going beyond "blind" hiring... Tracy Chou wrote a post on Medium in October 2013, challenging tech companies to tell the world what percentage of their software engineers were women. Surprisingly, it worked: Google, Apple, Facebook and...
  14. Jimi Swagger

    Church of Satan Opens new HQ

    Field trip anyone? Halloween is approaching :demonic: Does the child on the statue with his hand over his heart don an afro like a breh? At least Satanist are inclusive... The Satanic Temple Opened Its New Headquarters in Salem | VICE | United States The Baphomet monument at TST's HQ. All...