1. FAH1223

    What’s behind the creation of the Alliance of Sahel States?

  2. Tair

    White Supremacy in a Nutshell

    Source: Europe will never discourage African migration while it funds the corruption that drives it | Evelyn Groenink :snoop:
  3. NoirDynosaur

    Top Streamer Kai Cenat is a sensation in Afrika!!!

    This guy's energy is out of this world!!!:pachaha:
  4. NoirDynosaur

    "Black people are NOT cursed" Ethiopian Bible 800 yrs older than the King James version!

    The Ethiopian Bible is the oldest and most complete bible on Earth! Compare and Contrast. King James Version states: The descendants of Ham, according to the Bible, included the Assyrians, Canaanites, Egyptians, and Ethiopians (Genesis 10:6–20). Those who adhere to the theory that black or...
  5. Nkrumah Was Right

    The richest men in Africa

  6. CopiousX

    Is it just me? Or does it seem unnecesary for most of Africa to have nuclear?

    Is it just me or does it seem unnecesary for most of africa to have nuclear power? It seems like its mostly places that have much greater supplies of other natural resources that are aiming for nuclear. For example, Kenya is aiming for a nuclear powerplant by 2027; but has a grid that...
  7. NoirDynosaur

    The Black Side of Egypt...Egypt Native people hidden by the public

    The Black Side of Egypt the public keeps hidden. Tune in!
  8. Nkrumah Was Right

    One of the Biggest Problems Holding Back Africa and its Diaspora Are Psychological

    Add Fanon too Particularly true of Nigerians: What do you think?
  9. Spiritual Stratocaster

    CATSET: Teen lion senses Lioness in HEAT...LION KING sees the Teen getting too "close"..KING DECLARES WAR.

    The Teen lion is starting to rebel against the Kingdom authority... He get his brothers to rebel and leave before but came back to the pride. The Teen senses the mom is In heat and is getting too frisky. The king keeps them around because he could use them to help fight off enemies...
  10. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Price of dat Olive Oil goin up?

    Drought spells 'catastrophe' for Spain's olive harvest ^^^LINK "If something doesn't change radically in the next few weeks, it's going to be a catastrophe," he warned. According to the AEMET weather agency, accumulated rainfall since October 1 has been 25 percent lower than normal across...
  11. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Game of Thrones in the ANIMAL KINGDOM: Narrated by TYWIN LANNISTER

    All I the first 20seconds It's all in the first 20 seconds Make this shyt dramatic but interesting:pachaha:
  12. NoirDynosaur


    This should inspire every man to achieve their best physique :ufdup:
  13. NoirDynosaur

    Passport Gang: Lamu Island East Africa!

    Background Info about Lamu: Lamu Island is a port, city, and island just off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean approximately 150 miles from Mombasa. It is a part of the East African country of Kenya. Lamu was founded in the 12th century. Lamu is one of the longest-established and...
  14. Spiritual Stratocaster


    :lupe: UN nuclear watchdog says 2.5 tonnes of uranium missing from Libyan site UN nuclear watchdog inspectors have found that roughly 2.5 tons of natural uranium have gone missing from a Libyan site that is not under government control, the watchdog told member states in a statement on...
  15. Spiritual Stratocaster

    HippoBrehtamus fights rival for access to Females..winner immediately gets laid.

    Breh the bite to the head :whoa: They kill more people than ANY animal in Africa Ran catset off the block hella quick right here :mjgrin:
  16. JadeB

    Who said powerful Black men can't be pacifists?

    :ohhh: But really this image that Black men need to be violent to achieve their goals is ridiculous to say the least. Salim Suwari showed how peace can be achieved if smart people banded together to fight issues with love.
  17. Spiritual Stratocaster


    Never heard of this before
  18. NoirDynosaur

    Black Excellence! Meet the Black Teen Who Builds Planes and Drones From Local Materials

    Nationwide — Vidiol Tsague, an 18-year-old Black teen from Cameroon, has been gaining attention for his videos that show him flying planes and drones that he builds using only local materials. For nearly 8 years, he has been working on designing and creating an airplane prototype. He collects...
  19. Spiritual Stratocaster

    LION finds 2 rivals eating dinner with his LIONESSES. fukkERY ENSUES..

    Timestamped at 25:20 fukkery ensues... The look on those two faces.:merchant: :pachaha: The one lion Scar is dying from BOVINE TB...I guess the 2 rogue lions are famous in their own right and part of an infamous lion coalition