1. RasNas

    Spice 1 goes off on DJ Akademiks for disrespecting Og's

    Now Spice 1 jumpin in on the discussion too
  2. FluffyEyes

    T-Pain says Chris Brown has "Princess Syndrome"

    Akademiks asked Pain what he thought about Chris' reaction to his latest album sales. Thoughts??
  3. Apprentice

    Lil Jay says Akademiks didn’t instigate Chicago beefs

    He said if u mad u mad he wasn’t making bread :mjlol: He said it’s the Chicago nikkas fault for postin the shyt online :hubie: Ak won let’s keep it real, from internet nikka to media mogul shyt wild
  4. Luken

    Akademiks is the homie and all but....

    but this nikka be talking all types of tough to these girls on freshandfit :dahell: :francis: never seen him raise his voice at a nikka yet
  5. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    Bobby Shmurda explains the zesty dances in his recent videos.

    discuss :mjgrin:
  6. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    DJ Akademiks says his fanbase runs Hip Hop

  7. ISO

    Birdman tells Akademiks to start his own label :wow:

    From posting on the Coli to having one of the G.O.A.T.’s telling you to start your own label :wow:
  8. MrRDU

    Will Akademiks attend XXXTentacion's funeral ?

    I say no. I have no doubts that he would get approached or ran up on. Papa Wu & Action Bronson times 10.
  9. Dan_Staxx

    These Cac Kids Need To Get The F*** Out Of Hip Hop

    Sorry, if the title offends, but it's true fam. Hip Hop is getting way too mainstream, and non blacks are getting way too comfortable. Just a disclaimer, not all white kids, and not just white kids. But they know who Im talking about. Any race that isn't black and doesn't respect the culture...
  10. Maximus Rex

    Akademiks gets man-handled and thrown out the studio

    the moment the coli been waiting for :ohhh:
  11. Akedemiks surprised

    Akedemiks surprised

  12. Akedemiks surprised 1

    Akedemiks surprised 1

  13. Spacely Sparkus

    Dj Akademiks pulls up in Brooklyn showing support to Child Molester Six9ine

    I see AK going the SayCheese route, finally getting out the basement :ehh: But for a pedophile that plead guilty himself :hhh:
  14. Black_Panther_JS

    King Los calls Akademiks a c00n :mjlol:

  15. 50CentStan

    Carter III a classic? or nah? - Everyday Struggle Video inside

    To me personally, its only a classic because of numbers and hype. Quality wise no way is it a classic, Carter II is most definitely a classic and Tunes best album. I'd say Carter I is better than Carter III. What yall think?
  16. AkaDameMiks


  17. Everyday Struggle

    Everyday Struggle