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  1. luckyse7enz

    Who do you think will be the first person inducted into the AEW Hall of Fame?

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but it's a thought that crossed my mind...especially as we head into Hall of Fame season. Who knows how many years it'll be from now and who will retire first, but it can be fun to make predictions and check back once it happens. Who'll be the...
  2. MushroomX

    Ringside News has another Meltdown, including snitching on a favorite strip club WWE wrestlers visit

  3. MushroomX

    Tony Khan looking like the Birthday Boy celebrating the day at a Chuck E Cheese

    :mjgrin: That's our PROMOTER OF THE YEAR :pachaha: He gets dibs first on Bozo's Grand Prize Game.
  4. Christian Cage

    Christian Cage

  5. MushroomX

    [10/5] AEW Dynamite: The Sammy Guevara Depreciation Society, the Epitome... of Backstage Brawling

    "Hey AEW Fans, Tony Khan here. Man, if football was 2 Quarters, the Jaguars would have won that game! Trevor Lawrence put up a great effort, but maybe this week we will beat those Texans!" "I heard some rumblings about Sammy and Andrade having a misunderstanding. I talked to both of them, and...
  6. Cowboy Tony Khan

    Cowboy Tony Khan

  7. Tony Khan 2

    Tony Khan 2

  8. MushroomX

    [9/14] (All - The Elite)W Dynamite: Indefinitely Suspended, CM Punk is serving Go-Home Grand Slams at Denny's once more.

    ATTENSION AEW EMPLOYEES - ITS BEEN 10 DAYS SINCE WE'VE HAD A WORKPLACE INCIDENT HAPPEN, BRAVO! IF YOUR ANGRY DON'T VENT IT OUT, TALK IT OUT! Hello TSC Brehs, we have reached another Wednesday of AEW fukkery, the go-home show before Grand Slam. :francis: I am sad to report that because of...
  9. Stokely Hathaway

    Stokely Hathaway

  10. MushroomX

    [8/31] AEW Dynamite: Like Mario Party, guys want Stars instead of Cash in the Trio Tourney, while BattleBots go All Out before the PPV!

    "ALL OUT doesn't NEED a MAIN EVENT. ALL OUT IS THE MAIN EVENT!" "This is such an EXCITING WEEK. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK and THE NFL IS BACK NEXT WEEK!" "I think WE can COMPETE with the NFL. Just not with my Dad of course, I would love it though if you cheer on the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence...
  11. Eddie Kingston 2

    Eddie Kingston 2

  12. Eddie Kingston 1

    Eddie Kingston 1

  13. MushroomX

    [8/24] AEW Dynamite: Look at the Dirtsheets, what do you see? BattleBots and Nonstop Backstage Controversy!

    Hello, hello TSC Brehs for another midweek edition of AEW Dynamite, I hope you are all doing well. Well for some reason we are getting the CM Punk vs. Moxcula Unification match already; The Red Cross is on standby. Here is also what is on Tap tonight. Billy Gunn vs. Colten Gunn Dax Harwood...
  14. Crazed Tony Khan

    Crazed Tony Khan

  15. Reality Check

    [08/05] AEW Rampage: LIVE for once

    LIVE episode from Grand Rapids, MI
  16. MushroomX

    [8/3] AEW Dynamite: [Insert Verb] at the [Insert Noun], and did Adam Cole gain a few pounds?

    Hello TSC, it's Wednesday and you know what that means, more fukkery from AEW. Here is the Projected Card for Tonight's Show: Chris Jericho vs. Johnny Utah - Last week on Rampage, Wheeler got under Jericho's skin, prompting a match between the two in which the winner will face Moxley. This...
  17. MushroomX

    [7/20] AEW Fyter Fest Night 3: With no Body in sight, Proud Boy Chris Jericho fights Eddie Kingston in a Barbwire Match

    Additionally the Jan 6 Appreciation Society will be incarcerated in a cage during the Match. Though naturally from this feud between Jericho and Kingston this year, there is surely loads of fukkery to behold, and when you add barb wire to the mix, this a match to that will make Jon Moxley...
  18. Superkick Party

    [5/29/22] All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing IV

    The Buy In Tag Team Match HookHausen (Hook and Danhausen) vs Tony Nese and "Smart Mark Sterling Main Card TBS Championship Match Jade Cargill (c) vs Anna Jay Elite vs Delete The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs The Hardys (Jeff and Matt Hardy) Owen Hart Cup Mens Final Adam Cole...
  19. luckyse7enz Dustin Rhodes getting retired by Kip Sabian tomorrow? (Poll/Discussion)

    I guess the angle tomorrow is that when they have their match for the TNT Championship tournament, Dustin is saying that he'll retire if he can't beat Kip Sabian. Can one assume that Dustin just plans on retiring anyway, or is this just a work to raise the stakes in the match against Kip Sabian...