1. Wig Twistin Season

    Post 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Art From Social Media Thread

    Link their page if you can. @Juggalo Fred
  2. B

    AI Has Already Created As Many Images As Photographers Have Taken in 150 Years. Statistics for 2023 AI Has Already Created As Many Images As Photographers Have Taken in 150 Years. Statistics for 2023 In the past year, dozens of communities dedicated to AI art have accelerated across the Internet, from Reddit to Twitter to Discord, with...
  3. Hathaway

    Passion: A Gift & A Curse

    Anyone who follows my posts from time to time, knows I do R&B music. I consider myself very talented. I know for a fact I'm more talented than maybe 80% of current R&B acts out today. I just made some unfortunate mistakes in my life that prevented me from pursuing that dream. I fukked up. From...
  4. Sway

    Black legends/artists drawn in the style of anime. igshid=MDJmNzVkMj (Even though he don’t deserve it :mjpls: ) Edit: Forgot to add 50
  5. TreySav

    Artist are on a different level

    Hella talented :lupe: Edit: title change
  6. JadeB

    Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is superior to 95% of the rap albums made in the 90s

    I just completed listening to the album for the ninth time and I am convinced that it shyts on most rap albums released throughout the entire 1990s. The 90s were seen as a golden age for hip hop and rightfully so, but the levels of lyrical depth and production is almost completely unmatched. I...
  7. Luken

    Getting your dikk sucked under candle light appreciation

  8. Julien Loki Ahadi

    Coli Photographers do you hang up other photographers work?

    Do you hang up other artist work beside your own? I see it similar to NBA or NFL players collecting jerseys and placing them on their wall.
  9. Luken

    Anyone else like to cry while in the p*ssy?

    Its been a while but thats my thing. If the girl is really beautiful and if her p*ssy is just as beautiful, i have a tendency to cry while deep in the guts, just a little sobbing ya know:jawalrus:
  10. Luken

    Tune into my Youtube Tattoo Channel

    Me and my good homie started a new tattoo page and are starting another shop up Heres a vice documentary we were in a few years ago And our channel i just started The focus is blackness and tattoos (obviously)
  11. Low End Derrick

    Free Reps For Anyone Who Can Name Every MC In This Picture

    Some close ups to help you
  12. astrologybrother

    Check out this Black Work of Art #DEEP

    Growing up in the hood, I can definitely relate :wow: .
  13. White City Black

    Art of Noise featuring Rakim-Metaforce (1999)

    Any of you Brehs remember this? Man, working at Virgin Megastore back in the late 90s put me up on a lotta chit. They’d play music videos throughout the store, and so this pops up, and I recognize Rakim’s voice, and I’m like :ohhh: Dude’s spitting on the track, plus the fact that it’s an Art of...
  14. J

    The Boondocks Reboot New Art Style

    What y’all think, looks like into the spider-verse art style.
  15. JadeB

    1988 Los Angeles gang graffiti

  16. Rell Lauren

    Westside Gunn says he's not retiring

    This was in spite of him saying that he was retiring at the end of 2020. More #ART coming for the culture.
  17. Black Panther

    Help A Breh Out, Coli Fam

    Brehs, I need your help. I recently made this as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman (RIP ). I had a few people ask if I could make copies to sell on social media, but I need a minimum print order of 20 to get these made. (I'm going with a high-quality art printer to give people a good...
  18. 19-

    Missing Jacob Lawrence Painting Found After 60 Years

    Missing for decades, a Jacob Lawrence painting surfaces in response to a Met exhibition In a bit of serendipity, a missing painting from an epic series by Jacob Lawrence has been located and reunited with the others in a travelling exhibition that is now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...
  19. BaileyPark31

    Help Young Sista Win Doodle4Google #BlackExcellence

    Click on Grade 10-12 & Vote for Louisiana ! Vote for Your Favorite Submissions - Doodle for Google