bad boys

  1. wire28

    With Cade Icewood we bossin up to the #1 pick, again- Detroit Pistons 21-22 Official Thread

    @WMG the 2nd @IrateMastermind @wire28 @eastside313 @LordLyons @dh86 @NormanConnors @manyfaces @Methodical @MercuryHayes @x-factor7 @djthegreat88 @Elephant Emoji @douche @DetroitEWarren @winb83 @Detroit Wave @bigrodthe1 first summer league game tonight dare i say we low key got a core :lupe:
  2. K

    Yo why was Isiah Thomas always slapping up centers and big man

    Isiah Thomas was the true Giant Killer had to teach these big mfers a lesson. No wonder Karl malone had to give him stitches isiah was always picking on big man snuff Sidney Greene Out here using Klay Thompson's pops head as percussion instrument Had to let Cartwright know i don't play...
  3. Mtt

    the infamous Bad Boys mix tape when Puffy adlibs dissing PAC

    hey, i loved bad boys and death row music. i personally dont care about all the silliness foolery that hurt the hip hop world its was sad really. but one thing for sure. hate it or not puffy worked the media to his favor. you see the bullying strong arm tactics suge did got him black balled...
  4. K

    Is this still the greatest flip of a legendary line in rap history?

    Real sick, on nights, I perform like Mike Anyone -- Tyson, Jordan, Jackson action, pack guns, ridiculous YO your career is over like Mike Anyone - Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, ask dun about my mean kids
  5. Rhule the World

    What is the definition of a "bad boy"?

    I think we need some clarification on the phrase's meaning, when reading all these Coli soundbites about women liking "bad boys." It seems A LOT of people associate the word with a nikka who gets a lot of chocha. I know MAD dudes who get a lot a p*ssy, including my own male relatives, and...
  6. willnubu

    Late 90's Bad Boys Type Beat FL Studio 1

    Just keeping it simple, but still trying to be creative with limitations. This is my version of what that Bad Boys records sound was in the Late 90's. I made it in FL Studio 1 (fruity loops). Constructive feedback is appreciated.
  7. MartyMcFly

    Bad Boys Spinoff TV Series Starring Gabriel Union Poppin Soon

    Deadline just ran with this. Complete shock. ‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff TV Series Starring Gabrielle Union In the Works