1. Realm-Breaker

    Which pornstars would you pick for a basketball game? (Piff Jam)

    All right first collisuem thread! 😻 😻 😻 Scenario: A group of aliens want to remove all the porn on the internet but have decided to give you a chance to stop them. You have to assemble a basketball team of 5 pornstars to fight against their basketball team and win. Rules: In addition to the...
  2. Snake316

    Is Allen Iverson The Most Popular, Influential Player To Never Win A Title In Sports History?

    Over the past four years I've been noticing a lot of people have been giving Iverson his flowers. Which is nice to see since a lot of young Generation Z brehs be slandering Iverson and his contributions to the game. I swear back in the day Iverson was like the damn President in my elementary...
  3. JP_614


    Y’all nikkas know what it is. New season let’s stay healthy. :salute:
  4. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Attends Las Vegas Aces vs. Dallas Wings WNBA Game 2

    Lil Wayne was spotted court-side at Game 2 of the Las Vegas Aces vs. Dallas Wings WNBA match at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Nevada on Tuesday, September 26th. As it was the evening before Tunechi‘s 41st birthday, the whole crowd joined together to wish him a early Happy Birthday. You can check...
  5. TEH

    NBA Stars as women


    I own a premium www domain name…

    I own I know we have a lot of dope minds in here. If you owned this domain what would be your next move? :jbhmm: Anyone who has extensive knowledge that will assist me in collecting a bag, i will happily break off some bread real shyt
  7. L2014

    Wheelchair Basketball Ankle Breaker Compilation

  8. Tunechi

    [Pics + Vid] Lil Wayne Attends Lakers vs. Mavs NBA Game, Shows Love To LeBron James' Mother Gloria

    On January 12th, Lil Wayne attended a Los Angeles Lakers game with his and Lauren London‘s son Kameron Carter. Weezy and Kam were spotted court-side at the Lakers’ NBA game against Dallas Mavericks at the Crypto.Com Arena in L.A., California. While at the game, Tunechi also saw LeBron James‘...
  9. Primetime

    Bleacher Report at it again: Hero x Ball

    For those who remember Game of Zones, this is their next ish "Rent free." :mjlol:
  10. Ho You Fat

    Ho You Fat

  11. Monsanto

    NBA 2K23 Online Coli MyLeague

    We've got some spots for a PS5 online league mode. This is a fantasy draft and will include some legends and modern players throughout. We'll be drafting next Sunday, September 24th, at 10 AM EST. All teams are up for grabs and will be given away via randomizer. Minimum games played per week...
  12. Big Mountain Hélà

    What side you playing on? Gym Crow pickup game

  13. Big Mountain Hélà

    Somali Girls balling in open gym

  14. The Amerikkkan Idol

    NBA Myths Busted: Players Are Wayyyy Bigger Than They Used To Be

    I keep hearing this myth over and over again from fans of the current product, so I went over to Basketball Reference to peep this for myself and was surprised to see that players aren't really much bigger than they were even 50 years ago. As you see, the average player in 1952 was 6-4, 195...
  15. Snake316

    Prime Dwight Howard Was Something Else...

    Dwight before the back injury:wow:one of the biggest what ifs in Basketball. If only Dwight got some post moves, he would've been one of the all time greats.
  16. Koli_Kat

    Man gets shot at LA fitness parking lot over pickup basketball Throw your life away over a pickup basketball game,brehs :francis:
  17. TallMan_J

    Tommy Sotomayor and Trae Young’s father almost throw hands at Hawks game.

    Tommy was roasting Trae Young and talking shyt all while sitting directly behind his father. :mjlol: Watch the entire video. This muthafukka STAYS in some shyt, man. All of his YouTube channels got deleted at one time too. :pachaha:
  18. Ganso Bomb

    Giannis RISKED HIS CAREER to dominate in the Finals

    This man knee bent backward like an actual deer and he put up Shaq numbers a week later on a torn PCL!!!:damn: I don't wanna hear a goddamn thing about injuries or no foot on no line, your favorite player could never do this.
  19. Dr J Phone

    Dr J Phone

  20. MushroomX

    NBA Draft 93' Video: David Stern announces Webber/Penny Trade

    Today Shams and WOJ already reporting on these rumblings even before the event has started. Yet back in the old days, this sort of makes you admire the lack of Social Media, when the crowd's groans get louder because they never expected this shyt to happen. :russ: