1. U

    How many of you Bernie Bros are participating in the "Fart-In"? besides Joe and Cac Mamba obviously

    AP Planner ‏@AP_Planner 3h3 hours ago Tomorrow: Supporters of Bernie Sanders plan to hold a 'fart-in' at the Democratic National Convention to protest the party's primary process
  2. FAH1223

    Bernie Sanders breaks his own fundraising record for March ($44M)

  3. FAH1223

    Hillary Clinton: "I don't know where Bernie was when we were trying to get healthcare in 1993-94"

    And Bernie's camp responds :dead: ______________________ Hillary Clinton tried to pull a fast one on Bernie Sanders’ healthcare proposal at a rally in Saint Louis this afternoon. She failed miserably. While speaking to supporters, Clinton joked that she sometimes has “a little chuckle to...
  4. smitty22

    Polls Close in a hour:(UPDATE: its over :sadbern:)South Carolina Democratic Primary

    Hilliary gonna win, but i think it Sanders shocks everyone and keeps it within 5. News outlets are reporting low to moderate turnout. Who yall got?
  5. SirReginald

    FUTURE PRESIDENT: Bernie "DA PEOPLE'S Champ" Sanders Interviewed On The Breakfast Club 2/26/16

    Here we go brehs, it's time we VOTE. THIS is the guy that we want to win the Democratic nomination :blessed: Him Vs Trump would be spectacular :gladbron: @Darth Humanist @BaggerofTea @Wild self @GzUp
  6. Mr Rager

    Here's why Black folks are supporting Hillary Clinton (and shouldn't be)

    Initially I figured it was name recognition and her association with Obama. This Huffpost article lays out some good points as to why black people (mostly older black people) are flocking to support HillDawg while not even giving Bernie a chance. On Hillary Clinton's Overwhelming Support Among...