1. Prince Luchini

    Breaking news: Red Lobster maybe filling for bankruptcy😱🩞

 SUBSCRIBE LOGINSUBSCRIBE FINANCING Report: Red Lobster is preparing for bankruptcy filing The struggling seafood chain is hoping Chapter 11 protection will help it restructure its debt while keeping its restaurants operating, according to Bloomberg. By...
  2. KnowledgeOfSelf17

    The 2024 Music Thread ( I believe this year will be memorable)

    Playlist of each album We're only in APRIL, there's so much more releases coming out too.
  3. G

    COWBOY CARTER: Beyoncé Won

    BeyoncĂ© Releases New Album Cowboy Carter: Listen Beyoncé’s country era is officially under way: Her new album, Cowboy Carter, is out now, and you can listen to it below. The mammoth, 27-track record features a cover of the Dolly Parton classic “Jolene” and the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” as well...
  4. Kuma the Bear

    Songwriter calls out Beyoncé for stealing writing credits

    And then people wonder why she doesn't win AOTY :francis: Has a factory of writers writing her shyt then taking their credit afterwards
  5. Tunechi

    Usher, Lil Wayne & Beyonce's "Love In This Club Part 2" Goes Platinum

    According to the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA), Usher‘s “Love In This Club Part II” single featuring Lil Wayne and Beyonce was certified Platinum on February 9th. This means that the Soundz-produced collaboration, which can be found on Usher‘s Here I Stand album, has been...
  6. Hathaway

    The Artistry of Michael Jackson Explored

    One of the few people in music that I consider a God. The pure, raw talent. The swagger. The voice. The dancing. Most importantly, the mind. He just had something other legendary artist of his day didn't have. He was competitive and a perfectionist. Now I'm sure a lot of big time artist were...
  7. Realm-Breaker

    Beyoncé - COWBOY CARTER (Discussion Thread)

    😾 Edit Album is now called Album
  8. Hathaway

    Only 11 Black People Have Won the Album of the Year Grammy..

    I'm not one of those guys that puts alot of weight into grammys as it is not really meant for us but I thought this was interesting. The Grammys have been around since 1959 and the Album of the Year is considered the shows greatest and most coveted award. Here are some mindboggling stats...
  9. Alix217

    Beyonce Bends it Over for Jay-Z After He Spoke Up for Her at the Grammys

  10. FluffyEyes

    FLASHBACK: Crazed BeyHive snatches Beyoncé off the stage

    Like where the hell did he think he was going with her?? :picard:
  11. Kornball The Conqueror

    Battle of the 1.4Billion views MJ vs Houston vs Other

  12. NoirDynosaur

    Why does Beyonce get a lot of hate?

    Why does Beyonce receive a lot of hate? Beyonce is far from a c00n. Beyonce has been fully committed to uplifting and celebrating the Black community for decades. She's not a self hater. She reps her roots despite heavy criticism and backlash from the press Has a great relationship with her...
  13. NoirDynosaur

    Rare Destiny's Child concert in Amsterdam 1999!

    Very rare concert! With the original Destiny Child's 4 lineup:whew: There's a small section where the girls pay tribute to Aaliyah. Around this time, DC just released their best album of all time "Writings on the Wall". That album was a straight banger from start to finish. Eventually going...
  14. FluffyEyes

    20 Years Since Dangerously In Love

    The solo debut of Beyoncé turned 20 this month. Released on June 24th, 2003, Dangerously In Love catapulted Beyoncé into the public consciousness as a solo artist. Dangerously In Love spawned 4 Top 5 singles, including 2 #1's in Crazy In Love and Baby Boy. She would also receive 5 Grammys...
  15. Low End Derrick

    Nick Cannon Claims Bruno Mars Has More Hits Than Beyoncé

  16. Lemons

    gotdamn Beyonce is aging like wine

    Sheesh! what has Jay Z done to deserve this? life ain’t fair man
  17. Big Mountain HĂ©lĂ 

    Coli breh runs into Beyoncé lookalike while working and gets starstruck

  18. Big Mountain HĂ©lĂ 

    One night with Beyonce(b4 the kids) or $12k cash

    This post got me thinking I know it’s not coming out of your pockets but if you pick BeyoncĂ© you lose out on a guaranteed 12k cash :lupe: Is it worth it?
  19. R

    How did Beyonce avoid backlash after she wore this?
  20. FluffyEyes

    Jay Z and Beyoncé are now tied for the most Grammy noms in history, 88 each

    Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Tied for All-Time Most Grammy Nominations By Jem Aswad In a telling symbol of their domination of the music and media worlds, married couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are now tied for the most Grammy nominations in history, with 88 each. On Tuesday, Beyonce received nine...