big pun

  1. Playaz Eyez

    Whoppa Wit Da Choppa - Throwback (It’s So Hard Beat)

  2. DrexlersFade

    I see why Tony Yayo won that poll against Drake :banderas:

    Was riding listening to Sirus and this joint came on the Woo Kid show and I see why he won that poll against Anal beed Aubrey :obama: Can’t find a better Drake verse than this:stopitslime:
  3. DrexlersFade

    Big Pun washed the best of NY in one verse

    Pun fukking was warpspeeding into another dimension. He really let his nuts hang on this shyt. In retrospect, when you hear stories about Pun, and take into account the number of collabs he had in his short span, it feels like he was head hunting the best in the game. He begged Joe to make...
  4. OmegaK2099

    "Just remember to roll with God/ And try not to kill yourself, like Owen Hart"

    :picard: *Glad someone finally posted the uncensored version tho
  5. B

    Chris Rivers: I'm Not Rocking Dudes W/ Terror Squad Chains & Beating Them Up|Big Pun Hits|PT 3

    Starts at 40 Sec Mark
  6. B

    (Big Pun Son) Chris Rivers: I’ve Been Attacked For Speaking Against Fat Joe|Part 2

    It Starts At 40 Sec. Mark
  7. B

    Chris Rivers: I let My Pops Down (Big Pun)Eminem Might Be Black Balling Him Because Of?

    At Mark 2:10
  8. 1

    Big Pun Complete Unreleased Collection ?

    Who’s Got These Plus Big Puns Demo Tape ? Thanks Will Trade Daps & Rep :takedat:
  9. Playaz Eyez

    Bet ya man can't do it like this.....

    ....he can't work the middle:hhh:cause his thing too little:huhldup: @Cheech&Chong @hustlemania @mrken12 @The Ruler 09 @ChuckTaylor84 @Billy Ocean @C-Styles @King P @DoomzdayzV @TheGregReaper @AMcV'88 @IronFist @Omerta @Wepa Man @the cac mamba @Discipline @Budda @ThaBronxBully @Crown...
  10. Mtt

    Big Pun son talks homelessness after his father died

  11. DrexlersFade

    Big Pun My Turn top 10 battle song of all time???

    This maybe the dopest song I ever heard I believe top 10 easy. Yo it's my turn, I demand my respect Give me my burn, or get slammed in your neck:stopitslime: Cause it's my turn, I'ma reach to the top Gimme my burn, I'ma speak with the glock Cause it's my turn, don't make me turn your wig Gimme...
  12. N*E*R*D

    Best Hip Hop Album from 1998

    I think Juvenile 400 Degreez still sounds the best out of all the albums that came out that year. :ohlawd:
  13. John Hull

    Big Pun Was The Kid That No One Liked...BARS :wow:

    I swear to GAWD you fakkits don't be postin no fuccin HIP HOP :hhh: I'm bout to flood this subforum (relax mods :evil:) wit some ole MUZICK. I know fakkits (cacs) won't reply to this thread, yet and still i know some real nikkas feel this shyt Hidden Hand- Fat Joe feat. Terror Squad Puns verse...
  14. SirReginald

    Where Would Big Pun's 'Career' Be If He HADN'T Died?

    My favorite Puerto Rican MC besides Princess Nokia. Anyway, he dropped a bad ass debut album in 98' 'Capital Punishment'. Yeah Baby was an okay album. However, if he had a successful weight loss journey and survived I think he would have STILL continued breaking records. Dude was an elite...
  15. djfilthyrich

    Tru Life ft Big Pun, Kool G Rap - We Can't Lose (Filthy Rich blend)

    Came across this lesser-known Tru Life track, and figured Big Pun & Kool G Rap would sound dope over the beat, so I made it happen. DL Link: If you want to be added to my Tag list, leave me a note below and I'll make the update @Nighthawk @TL15 @King Napz @MTAFZ @ArchStanton @MoveAround...
  16. Sinister

    Is this the greatest remix of an r&b track featuring a rapper of all time?

  17. DillaTUDE

    Poll: Big Punisher's "Capital Punishment" (1998) versus Fat Joe's "Don Cartagena" (1998)

    Two similarly produced albums with Pun's DNA all over. Which you got?
  18. R

    Big Pun’s son rap video about abuse at home

  19. get these nets


    Big Pun toe to toe with Black Thought Some BT fans swear that he had better bars but Pun DESTROYED this song... what do you say?
  20. DJ1MIC

    Mixtapes & EPs DJ 1Mic - Big Pun - The Heavyweight Champ (2CD) (2017) (66 Tracks)

    download part 1: DJ 1Mic - Big Pun - The Heavyweight Champ (2CD) (2017).part1.rar download part 2: DJ 1Mic - Big Pun - The Heavyweight Champ (2CD) (2017).part2.rar