1. Negative.Gate

    BORED APE NAZI CLUB (long video)

    Required viewing for everyone as there's hidden nazi symbolism/references scattered throughout this thing. Always felt that this bored ape nft shyt was weird.
  2. Reality

    The COVID/Omicron $-minded thread; no politics, just investments

    Wanted to have a centralized thread to watch Omicron from a money-making/protecting perspective. I know we have the other COVID thread, but this one is intended to focus on potential impact to investments and be data-driven and apolitical. A lot of us are kicking ourselves from missing out on...
  3. HoloGraphic

    Official NFT Thread

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL NFT THREAD A thread to discuss and learn about NFTs. Feel free to post NFTs you own, discuss prices, or just shill your sell. What Are NFTs? From Wiki... Where can I Buy/Sell NFTs? Ethereum Foundation RECUR Solana...
  4. King Frost

    new crypto $PAWG coin

    PAWGcoin • Cryptocurrency That Powers Content Creators :lolbron: PAWGcoin price, PAWG chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko PAWGcoin (PAWG) Token Tracker | BscScan
  5. RARI_Godwind

    Where will the crypto boom put Africa!?

    :jbhmm: I was thinking bout this more little by little, but with all kinds of different coins hitting ATH, us getting more dependent on communications technology the transferral to basing economies on cryptocurrency seems more real.:blessed: There was a thread on this but if you haven’t...
  6. loyola llothta

    Bitcoin’s value just passed $1 trillion

    Bitcoin’s value just passed $1 trillion Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto may have mined 1M bitcoins worth $55 billion. Feb 19, 2021 Bitcoin's price soared past $56,000 on Friday, pushing the combined value of all bitcoins past the $1 trillion mark—at least in theory. That's more than the...
  7. loyola llothta

    Google Pay and Samsung Pay will reportedly accept Bitcoin and other cryptos soon

    Google Pay and Samsung Pay will reportedly accept Bitcoin and other cryptos soon Feb 18, 2021 link: Google Pay and Samsung Pay will reportedly accept Bitcoin and other cryptos soon - Gizmochina
  8. loyola llothta

    Bitcoin price hits another new high after US banking giant backing

    Bitcoin price hits another new high after US banking giant backing 2-12-2021 Bitcoin's value continues to climb following BNY Mellon launch (Image credit: Shutterstock / Igor Batrakov) Bitcoin is continuing to gain wider acceptance within mainstream financial circles after it was announced...
  9. DrBanneker

    Rise and Fall of Black Crypto Billionaire Arthur Hayes

    I've known about breh for a while having been doing BTC stuff since 2015-16. He was a co-founder of one of the big exchanges, BitMex and is a regular ADOS breh from Detroit. Became a billionaire and lived large and now the feds are trying to bring him down. Unfortunately the Feds see crypto as...
  10. BillyBamDontGiveADamn

    How is this going to effect bitcoin?

    The IRS offers a $625,000 bounty to anyone who can break Monero and Lightning Realized I typed effect instead of affect :snoop:
  11. Mufasa Ahadi

    Anyone investing in quant?

    Friend of mine preaches to me everyday about quant. Anyone else is invested in this?
  12. BaileyPark31

    Should I still be buying crypto currency? (DOGE , ETH)

    I have a Robinhood account. I own like 12000 shares of Doge, plus small amounts of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin. My portfolio is up, but I'm not sure what moves shoukd be next :patrice: Any advice Coli Crypto Brehs? :feedme:
  13. Detroit Wave

    Any of u scammin, swipin, thievin Brehs fukkin wit Teejayx6?:mjlit:

    nikka giving game on how to get money in this modern era :wow:
  14. King_Sage

    From Animal Ambition to Bitcoin Millionaire

    does this guy know how to lose? :wow:
  15. T

    Bitcoin is about to crash...

    Man I feel for anybody who got in at $19,000... This might go down to $999
  16. BlackJesus

    'Bitcoin Dominatrix' Makes a $1 Mil A Year Off Sad Simps 1 Million year in BITCOIN brehs. :snoop: I hope this shyt crashes and puts her shameless ass back to turning tricks for $80 a pop. These shameless hoes and their simp enablers are out of fukkin control.:scust:
  17. T

    Bitcoin is about to drop for a few days, then rally

    I've seen this move before... It's about to drop like crazy for 2-3 days then rally like crazy...
  18. Ekene

    Hackers Steal Over $70 Million Worth Of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin's meteoric rise comes with some downfalls. Since our last report on Bitcoin's value, where the world's largest cryptocurrency surpassed 10K in value, the coin has now added another 6K to the margin with its current value sitting at $16,130.68 as we type this. But with such an...
  19. TooLazyToMakeUp1

    Hacker hijacked Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) servers---Demanding 2 bitcoins

    I went on the county accessors website to check a few property records and it was down, then I found out they got hit on twitter They're threatening to release everything by 1 pm :dead:
  20. ball15life

    Anybody have knowledge on Bitcoin Mining?

    Someone at my job just told me that he has his machines up for Bitcoin Mining (when not in use). Makes about $8 daily (after factoring in electricity use). I have a couple machines I could potentially rig for this :jbhmm: Do any of you do this? Any stories/experiences you can share? Any info...