1. Doomsday

    Aries Spears Puts Bedwench In Her Place

    :mjlol: This video is more proof of what I've been saying all along: Black women dikk-ride white men. Here you have a young, fit, exceptionally attractive black woman with a regular white guy. That same woman would never date the black equivalent to that white man. And for all the black males...
  2. Anhur

    WAS Ancient Egypt a PAWG Civilization

    It is disappointing that this topic still must be discussed in 2023. If you scour the internet about the racial origins of ancient Egypt, you’ll find that most people believe they were non-black. The answer is obvious to anyone with eyes and common sense. However, there are still detractors even...
  3. EastByrd

    Hassan Campbell vs Dr Umar; shall we begin?

    HC response @ 2:14:33 :dame:
  4. Fill Collins

    How can you hate another Black person?

    Not rhetorically, but only if it applies to you :mjpls: Note: I'm on my phone, I microdosed a shroom, meditating on life, no matter your ethnic group, if you honestly hate another Black ethnic group, you're better off transferring that hate towards other races, they already see us as a mass, why...
  5. NoirDynosaur


    Malia Obama is staying in the Donald Gloverbusiness. As part of a new GQ cover story on the “Atlanta” creator, Glover revealed that his newly-created production company, Gilga, is developing a short film with Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. GQ confirmed Malia is...
  6. NoirDynosaur

    How Black Parents spank their kids🤣🤣!

    Anyone who got their ass whopped from a belt knows that metal part shyt hurts like a mf!!!:russ:
  7. Jean Jacket

    Tracy Chapman - Fast Car 1988 (Live @ Oakland Coliseum)

  8. Ahadi

    Name 5 thread topics which describe “” (2022-2023)

  9. wire28

    The Future of Black Hollywood: Who Got Next?

    RIP to Chadwick I really think he was primed to be the next Denzel of our generation and the things he was doing outside of acting would have made him even more special. Who are the young actors that will carry the torch for black Hollywood? Majors definitely looks like he’s getting a push in...
  10. Warren Peace

    Channing Crowder Targets Russell Wilson Again: "He Ain't My Type Of Dude" At what point does this start getting kinda weird and non harlem like :patrice:
  11. RARI_Godwind

    Canadian PAAG and Caribbrehian discuss the Black Identity+Racial Unity in the US :SKIP:

    :jbhmm: Many of the points raised are actually true but I’m caught up on how and why a Chinese Canadian Girl and an Bahamian Breh focus almost entirely on the history of America and Identity of actively existing group of people neither of them belong to. Cliffs in the descriptions of the...
  12. Apprentice

    Why aren’t Black men more represented in the present day pop/rock scene?

    I wouldn’t describe myself as a music historian but I do have a pretty expansive taste of music One thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t a lot of black men who operate in the modern day pop/rock scene. Rock and Jazz are genres created by black people and even the “King of Rock” is someone...
  13. Galveston, Texas REPUBLICANS demolished ONLY precinct where black people had political leverage

    A GOP power grab shatters 30 years of political progress for Black voters in Galveston County Community activist Roxy Hall Williamson at a new mural commemorating Juneteenth in Galveston on April 4. Last November, a white Republican majority on the Galveston County’s commissioners court voted...
  14. J

    What's the official animal of Black people everywhere?

    I personally think it's the Black Panther through our historical connection. The lion and bulldog makes a nice ring to it.
  15. J

    Meet the Black woman who created grunge

    Half a decade before Nirvana released their first album, Tina Bell and her band Bam Bam pioneered the combination of punk and heavy rock that would come to define grunge music. Before grunge even had a name or a set of superstars, a 26-year-old Black woman named Tina Bell was giving it a...
  16. Rell Lauren

    Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, calls out MLB over reducing opportunities for Black players

    Really, really good read and this is long overdue.
  17. President Sakora

    BLack Feminism- positive or negative? an exploration ...

    Read the articles first. The feminist was a spook BLACK FEMINISM, THE CIA AND GLORIA STEINEM ask yourself why a feminist movement needs CIA funding. also ask yourself how the CIA funding any movement might dictate the true purpose of that movement. The lies she spews...and the...
  18. IA_Carter

    Documentary on America’s black upper class

  19. NoirDynosaur

    African Stevie Wonder links up with Afro Mexicans (Black Mexico)