1. LauderdaleBoss

    Who made the better R&B debut album? (Brandy vs. Monica)

    Sup coli brehs and brehettes.... We did a live stream last Thursday where we compared both albums in a song for song format and just wanted to share the vibes. @patscorpio @Conscious Pilot @King P We appreciate everybody that listens to the episode, drops their thoughts, votes in the...
  2. FluffyEyes

    Brandy's daughter Syrai trying her hand at making music

    She released a single a few weeks ago Edit: Sy'Rai actually released the video today
  3. xoxodede

    Brandy - Rather Be | A COLORS SHOW

    I'm obsessed.
  4. Hathaway

    My Top 5 Greatest Female Vocalists

    You cannot name 5 better female vocalists than this : 1. Aretha - the mf blueprint. The original. Her voice had no weaknesses. Strength. Range. Power. Tone. Agility. Runs. Anything you could ever want from a singer, she mastered it across damn near every genre. The GOAT 2. Whitney - Some would...
  5. Rhapture

    Black Cinderella history: The uphill battle for the film and soundtrack

    Talks about the casting problems and poor budget because of a prejudice executive producer at Disney. Brandy showing that her voice don't crack and neither does her black Now on Disney +
  6. Giving Brandy “The Vocal Bible” Her Flowers

    Something about her voice is just amazing.:wow: I was going back through her old songs and artistry. She such a gift. Just talent for days....:mjcry: “Sorry for my tardy... Longtime I was broken-hearted, Hearted and guarded.” :wow:
  7. Drew Wonder

    Roots Picnic Lineup This Year is Fire

    Meek headlining in his city. Summer Walker and DaBaby for the younger mainstream crowd. Rae, Ghost, Black Thought and Griselda for the hip hop heads. SWV, Brandy and Musiq for the older R&B heads. Sir for the new school R&B fans. Great lineup with something for everyone.
  8. Rhapture

    Y'all down for a Moesha reboot?

  9. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 16 - Monica

    We took a break for about a week but we back for Day 16. Last we checked, Janet Jackson came through with a disappointing 6.24/10, placing her 13th out of 15 singers so far. Leaderboard...
  10. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 14 - Brandy

    Sooooo Toni got an 8.16 in the previous RTS placing her over the likes of Beyonce and Mary J. Interesting. Leaderboard:
  11. m0rninggl0ry

    Which of these 8 tracks released in 94 take the cake?

    Hands down, its JODECi!!! @stomachlines @Otis Kane Jr. @Rhap.So.D @Deacon Frye @CinnaSlim @xoxodede @Paradise @Stir Fry @Mindless_Comendy
  12. S

    Albums Brandy's "Never Say Never" turned 20 years old this month :wow:

    This was the best selling R&B album of 1998 brehs had to run this one back for the one time, and its still as amazing as the first time I heard it :wow: my joints off this: @stomachlines @dora_da_destroyer and all other R&B heads come on in and let nostalgia take over you :blessed:
  13. brownsugah

    20 years ago today, a beef between 2 female R&B artists began...

    Happy 20 year anniversary to this classic. :)
  14. brownsugah

    “When You Touch Me” by Brandy is one of her best...

    Another deep cut that I love dearly. Brandy’s contralto tone, harmonies and Teddy Riley’s talkbox set the mood right. This song further proves why she’s my favorite female vocalist of all time. I don’t think this one is appreciated as much as it should be. Full Moon as a whole had some of her...
  15. tuckgod

    New SUPERGROUP August Greene (Common, Robert Glasper, & Karriem Riggins) - Optimistic (feat. Brandy)

  16. fishfry600

    battle of the Musician# 3 Aaliyah vs Brandy Vs Monica

    Who ruled the 90s Billboard top 10 hits Monica - Had 8 as lead artist with 3 number 1 Brandy-8 top 10 including 2 number 1 Aaliyah- 5 top 10 with 1 number 1 Lets look at Albums Monica Miss Thang Released: July 18, 1995 US: 3× Platinum CAN: Gold US: 1,500,000 The Boy Is Mine Released: July...
  17. Aphrodite

    Brandy's Never Say Never album (1998) vs Mary J. Blige's Share My World (1997)

    vs @stomachlines @PhonZhi @Ol' Otis @m0rninggl0ry @Imperfect Perfectionista @Poitier @MoorMe @Jasmine20