1. R

    Do you eat your biscuits with jelly, syrup, honey, or gravy?

    If you use syrup what type of syrup is your favorite.
  2. Rhapture

    How to make Chicken and Waffles in the toaster

    "Bone Apple Teeth"
  3. Antwon Mitchell

    Can't nobody make a better breakfast sandwich than me...and that's facts like this shyt HOF quality

    I made it earlier but had to make sure it's memory last forever...might try to frame it :myman:
  4. Judo

    Who’s making you breakfast?

    I'm ride with Kenya on this one... :wow:
  5. Antwon Mitchell

    Elegant Golden Brown Beauty...smashing or passing? #breakfastEDITION

    Couldn't forget the breakfast aspect...this is some of her dishes... :wow: Smashing RAW with NO REGRETS. #smashing #goldenbrownbeauty
  6. Antwon Mitchell

    Kinda late...but breakfast is served! #ItsOn

    Curiosity of my in-house chef :jawalrus: It's going down...I got pancakes, bacon, sausage, some fried fish, scrambled eggs, cheese grits, pineapple chunks and some syrup on deck :blessed:. Oh I can't forget about that good ole OJ just lounging up in my little ole champagne glass...shyt let...
  7. Judo

    Who's house are you stopping by for breakfast?

    Grandma got it lock-in.:takedat:
  8. SATAN

    Wendy's breakfast is FIRE

    The breakfast sandwiches :blessed: seasoned potatoes :blessed: And it's filling, too. @The Burger King :ufdup: Step it up. Soggy azz breakfast sandwiches. @Ronald McDonald :ufdup: Yo breakfast been trash for a min. Biscuits always stale or burnt. And to all you fake lyin azz, "Eww fast...
  9. Antwon Mitchell

    Nothing better than homemade breakfast but what's the best fast food spot serving it?

    Homemade breakfast is definitely the GOAT without question, but when you don't have the time and need something more convenient, what's the best fast-food spot that makes good breakfast? :jbhmm:
  10. ORDER_66

    Twinkies...Now a breakfast cereal... Word?!!? :jbhmm::wow:

    Twinkies Cereal will hit shelves in December - CNN starting in december...:ehh::patrice::ohhh:
  11. Neuromancer

    What's your go to breakfast?

    What's your go to ? For me it's oatmeal.
  12. Neuromancer

    Eating Pineapple for Breakfast AMA

    My girl bought the big container of fresh pineapple and not the small shyt . Now I gotta eat the whole thing. I don't wanna put it back in my bag cause it will leak.:mjcry: Breakfast. Yes those are Gundams on my desk, yes my girl bought them for me.
  13. Bart simpson

    Breakfast is cancelled! Whomever eats this should be bushed!

    Are we really eating Sour Patch cereal outchea?! :hhh:
  14. FBGPlank

    Dave Chappelle x Breakfast Club Interview

    any thoughts on who it might be?
  15. Ruck

    How do you like your eggs? How do you cook em?

    I like scrambled, over easy and omelette. Scrambled: 4 eggs, teaspoon of butter in pan, garlic salt and pepper. Over easy: cooking spray, 3 eggs, pepper. Omelette: 4 eggs, spray, green onions, mushroom, tomatoes, green peppers. if you cooking your eggs on high heat, u need to stay the fukk out...
  16. My Name Is My Naaame

    Eggs taste sooo much better with Onions

    A little diced onions in the scrambled eggs:ohlawd: Im making breakfast at my sister house the otha day and i asked her for an onion for the eggs Her:onions in eggs??:childplease::scusthov: Her after eating them::leon::gladbron:this shyt fye! Add that cheese and spinach in em and its...
  17. Amsterdayumn

    Tracy Morgan On His Recovery, Spreading Love and Turn It Funny Tour

    :mjcry::blessed: Said he bought a 2 Rolls Royces (one for himself, one for his wive), a Lambo and a Bugatti in half an hour (most of it was filling in paper work) AND a G4 :wow: Bought a 20 mil house, but said he woul be cool with $1500 and some sneakers, he just did it because he would'nt let...
  18. Archangel

    Lets Cook: Let the Preacher show ya'll how to make a bomb omelette

    :myman: Step 1 Alright, 1st you're gonna need the ingredients: -We got the meat, sausage & bacon -Of course the eggs. I prefer 3 but the consensus is usually 2. -Got your fresh onions and green pepper (mushrooms are good with this too) -Gotta have some salt & pepper -A little milk. I use...
  19. ORDER_66

    If you love cereal... Cinnamon Toast Crunch challenge!!!! You hungry???

    :gladbron::krs::whoo:I'm getting hungry; I can probably do half on an empty stomach...
  20. Marco Andretti

    Tariq Nasheed on the Breakfast Club

    Don't vote brehs ? :jbhmm: Backhanded compliments ?:wtb: What you guys think ?:lupe: