1. ORDER_66

    The last Ultimate Aston Martin...ever??? Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate V12 759HP

    Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate Debuts: 759-HP Farewell To The V12 Flagship
  2. JadeB

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns :blessed:
  3. Afro

    Brits are now being treated like the "Others"

    Britons Continue Losing Thousands of Pounds Due to Confusing Post-Brexit Passport Rules for Travel to EU -
  4. R

    Slamass to Nas beats bruvs & birds

  5. 88m3

    Brexit and the U.S. Shutdown: Two Governments in Paralysis

    By Ellen Barry and Mark Landler Jan. 12, 2019 Image Left, pro- and anti-Brexit demonstrators outside Parliament in London last month. Right, a view of the Capitol during the government shutdown in Washington.CreditAndrew Testa for The New York Times LONDON — In Parliament, lawmakers are...
  6. 88m3

    Theresa May’s Kamikaze Brexit

    Theresa May’s Kamikaze Brexit British prime minister needs things to get worse before they can get better. By PAUL TAYLOR 10/16/18, 5:04 PM CET Updated 10/17/18, 6:21 PM CET Illustration by Ben Jennings for POLITICO The runway is in sight, the lights are on, but Theresa May has to...
  7. FAH1223

    On eve of UK Labour Conference, Corbyn says he will back 2nd BREXIT referendum if party votes for it

    @thatknickfan @88m3 @ineedsleep212 @Fenian :patrice: Theresa May has 40 of her own MPs saying they ain't voting for her BREXIT plan.
  8. SirReginald

    We Need To Talk About 'UK’s Pivot To Africa Post-Brexit'. (GET IN HERE DIASPORA GANG)

    Thank @The Odum of Ala Igbo for this because he deserves 75% of the credit. Because this discussion was mainly his idea, but I told him I'd make the thread. DIASPORA GANG get in here @Diasporan Royalty @RehReh @Karbaash @Crude Abolitionist @MikeyC Anyway, why aren't we talking about the...
  9. S

    UK and France reignite "Fish Wars"

    And no, this is not a joke. This is quite real. Yahoo is now part of Oath I can't believe this is a real thing :russ: This Brexit issue has created more issues than it has solved it seems. :jbhmm: I wonder if something similar could happen to China and African coastal countries as well. It's...
  10. FAH1223

    Top UK Brexit official & Boris Johnson resign; Theresa May's government in crisis

    :mjgrin: fukkery
  11. DynamoEAR

    Theresa May calls June 8th Election (RESULT: Tories fail to win majority; Coalition formed with DUP)

    PM calls snap election for June 8 Brexit part 2 :francis: @FAH1223 @JahFocus CS @Supreme HD
  12. Saka

    Big Data, Trump & Brexit; the companies influencing elections around the globe

    read the whole thing just some highlights; i left out: large bits about the original researcher kosinski. how cambridge analytica the company to actually apply that research first worked with Brexit and Ted Cruz. OG Link: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down - Motherboard
  13. ZoeGod

    More Eurozone fukkery:Italian PM resigns after crushing referendum defeat.

    The next stage is that the Italian banks are gonna fail and it will be Lehman times 10. Expect more EU fukkery in 2017. :francis: The EU is in its lowest levels since March of last year. I wouldn't touch EUROUSD my fellow forex traders. We are heading to a major economic crisis if those Italian...
  14. DrBanneker

    British-Guyanese sister behind anti-Brexit lawsuit

    Gina Miller, former banker who runs an investment firm with her hedge fund manager husband Alan Miller (SCM Private) brought the lawsuit that is going to force Theresa May's government to push Article 50 (the Brexit article) through Parliament instead of implementing it unilaterally. BBC lays...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    A major insurance market is opening an EU office in case Brexit strips the UK of its financial passp

    I can imagine this is only the beginning. Risk management is the game... :jawalrus: Lloyd's of London's CEO Inga Beale. Reuters One of the world's oldest insurance markets is preparing a Brexit "contingency plan" to make sure it can keep trading when the UK leaves the European Union...
  16. shhh-kull & bones

    Over $2 Trillion “Wiped Out” After Brexit: Friday Was The Biggest Single Day Loss Ever

    This article was written by Mac Slavo and originally published at Whatever your feelings on the victory for Brexit campaigners in the UK, and the ensuing drama in Europe, the referendum has taken a heavy toll on the economy. There were massive losses last Friday before the markets...