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    In Memoriam: Former Bullets, 76ers and Clippers HC Gene Shue (1931-2022)

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    Wizards and Nationals debut Cherry Blossom Uniforms

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    A Massacre in Milwaukee: Bullets @ Bucks 7:30 PM (TNT)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 23-26 AND have LOST FIVE STRAIGHT. :clap: The TANK IS REVVED UP and the losing won't stop. They're now OUT OF THE PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT. :yes: An NBA Trade Deadline of SELL, SELL, SELL is coming! They travel to Milwaukee next to take on the NBA Champions. No...
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    The Wizards haven't beaten the Spurs in San Antonio since 1999: UPDATE - Streak broken on 1/30/23

    Even with the Spurs sitting near the bottom of the Western Conference, another streak looms large over the Bullets. It's that the Bullets have NOT WON IN SAN ANTONIO SINCE THE 1999-2000 SEASON. :dead: The Bullets never have won at AT&T Center... that last win was at the AlamoDome! :mjlol: Last...
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    Washington Bullets & C Daniel Gafford agree to 3-year $40M extension through 2025-26

    Gafford’s rookie deal ends after 2022-23 where he’s making under $2M.
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    Once more, an Unseld leads the Bullets: Washington Wizards 2021-22 Season Thread

    Wes Jr. has come home and he's already coaching that defense Our new PG is a character Thomas Bryant won't be playing till December. Gafford is starting. Trez is coming off the bench. Rui is out due to personal reasons. Rumors are its mental health related from what I saw on...
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    Dinwiddie signs 3-year $54M deal with Bullets; Deal includes Nets, Spurs, Lakers & Pacers

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    Wes Unseld Jr. is leading candidate to be the next head coach of the Washington Bullets

    These seem to be the options
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    "Bullets In The Air & Ted Leonsis Don't Care!" - Official Washington Wizards 2021 Offseason Thread

    Alright brehs, we have $119M in committed salary. Our luxury tax projected line is about $136.6M. We have our draft picks for 2021. PG Westbrook 44.2M SG Beal 34.5M SF Hutchinson 4.0M SF Avdija 4.7M PF Hachimura 4.9M PF Bertans 16.0M C Bryant 8.7M C Gafford 1.8M...
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    Sweeping Bullets Off The Floor: Official Wizards (#8) vs. 76ers (#1) Series Thread

    YOUR Washington Bullets just ADVANCED to the NBA playoffs. As an 8th seed once again. This is the first playoff appearance since 2018 when the Bullets were the 8th seed (dropping there from 4th) facing the Raptors where they lost in 6 games. Needless to say if this series goes 6 games, that'd...
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    Lottery Pick or Being Swept by the 76ers? Official Pacers (#9) @ Bullets (#8) Play-In (TNT, 8 PM)

    YOUR Washington Bullets just suffered one of the most embarassing postseason Ls in recent history! They let another CELTIC PLAYER GET 50 POINTS in a game in May. If you recall, the last one happened in May 2017. On Thursday, the final chance to clinch a playoff spot arrives with the Pacers...
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    Who wants Brooklyn More? Official Bullets (#8) @ Celtics (#7) East Play-In Thread (TNT)

    YOUR Washington Bullets have won 17 of 23 to close out the regular season. Their journey to the Play-In comes after a disasterous first half of the season but a blitzing last month and half to get the 8th seed. The Celtics have limped into the Play-In Tournament. Star Jaylen Brown is out for...
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    Road to the Play-In Tournament: Bullets @ ATL Hawks on ESPN

    YOUR Washington Bullets are now 32-37 and have no shot at a .500 now. They are 10th in the East and can only get to 8th if they win out and the Hornets/Pacers both collapse! On Wednesday they face the ATL Hawks...again. Monday night's 19 point comeback came up short with a terrible decision by...
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    Russell Westbrook PASSES the Big O Oscar Robertson's Career Triple Double Record of 181!

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    Westbrook: I tore my quad end of last season & I tore my other quad at start of this season

    :mindblown: :dahell:
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    Game #62: Lakers @ Bullets on ESPN

    YOUR Washington Bullets are now 27-34 and winners of 10 of their last 12. They had their 8 game winning streak snapped by the San Antonio Spurs in an overtime thriller on Monday night. The Bullets currently are your 10th seed with a one game cushion over both the Bulls and Raptors who also...
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    Steph Curry wins 2021 NBA Scoring Title over Bradley Beal

    Alright Coli brehs, Bullets' Brad Beal has led the scoring most of the season. Dubs' Curry has roared back. #1 Bradley Beal (Wizards) 31.0 PPG #2 Stephen Curry (Warriors) 30.7 PPG
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    The Washington Bullets will aggressively pursue Masai Ujiri again in Spring/Summer 2021

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    No Magic Bullets Here: Official Washington Wizards 2020-21 Season Thread

    @thewiz @lochead @mastermind @ThatsRite2 @Black @Eddie Jordan @Mr swag @Spree At Last @mrken12 @Rob's al Ghul @KBadd @seanjohn21276 @L. Deezy @ZEupTWN @Guv @KillbertArenas @G-Zeus @Boesky @Blackrogue @VladTheImpaler @JACK! @PracticeMeansNothin @Smashius Clay @Jemmy @Dad @KBadd @L&HH Dust has...
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    Bullets Legend Wes Unseld Passes Away at 74

    Great player. Lousy coach and GM. :salute: