1. Take It In Blood

    Yes, I am aware that he's a murderous cult leader, but it's still hilarious to hear Jim Jones curse

    he curses throughout the entire thing but here's just one timestamped moment is it normal for Pastors/Preachers to curse like that in front of their congregation? :dwillhuh: @MMS @Jesus Is Lord @Mowgli
  2. B

    Camron’s Pink Horse Power legit?

    I know it’s a ton of cats from New York on here but this thing is available world wide so has anyone tried it? If so is it the truth or just another sex marketing pill/juice that doesn’t really work?
  3. Camron


  4. Mr anansi

    cousin bang and kanye west, oh cam in here too

  5. Boug92

    Juelz Santana - Okay Okay Appreciation

    too many bars :whew: Harlem at his finest
  6. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Cam'ron Retaliates With Old Clip Of Faizon Love: "This Isn't A Meme Fat Boy"

    The beef between Cam'ron and Faizon Love takes a homophobic twist following Cam's own controversy of making transphobic jokes. Cam'ron and Faizon Love's feud continues after the comedian questioned Jay-Z's authenticity as a drug dealer from Brooklyn. Cam'ron acknowledged that he and Hov have...
  7. K

    Is this still the greatest flip of a legendary line in rap history?

    Real sick, on nights, I perform like Mike Anyone -- Tyson, Jordan, Jackson action, pack guns, ridiculous YO your career is over like Mike Anyone - Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, ask dun about my mean kids
  8. Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

    Dipset Jeff Hamilton Jacket JB wow

  9. Camron JB Wow

    Camron JB Wow

  10. Ethnic Vagina Finder

    So Cam'ron is #pawgset ?

  11. Cam mask

    Cam mask

  12. M

    I just realized that Listening to chopped and screw songs of lyrical rappers is the shyt

    It's like listening to an exciting audio book, you can catch all the slick shyt they saying I used to think this chopped and screw shyt was trash but that's because I only associated it with southern songs(mostly ain't lyrical) But once you put some canibus,nas,jay,lupe or biggie on this...
  13. M

    Is mase welcome back album underrated? Is it a classic?

    Was this a hit? I think people don't give enough credit to this song and album
  14. M

    Dipset lil nikkas vs Byrd gang who had the better team?

    Dipset had jr,40cal (both fire) hell rell(fire sometimes) and unkasa(lol) Byrd gang had max b,stacks,noe(underrated),jha jha,and someone else I think Iam forgetting Both stacked teams but I think Byrd gang a slightly better team What y'all think?
  15. thephatmack

    Twista is up there w/ Nas, Jay Z, E40 & a very select few when it comes to rappers not falling off.

    He hasnt lost a step and there are not many that have been doing it for a few decades that maintain that level of quality and consistency. Although honorable mention to Pusha T, QTip, Black Thought and.. Mase I guess. Shame re Twista though as he was about to sign for rocafella just as it...
  16. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    The CoC/8 is enuff/Old Cam/Mase/Mcgruff appreciation thread

    The quintessential: And this fire right here if you haven't heard then shiii This style of rhyming needs to come back asap
  17. Blonde Cam

    Blonde Cam

  18. Cam Bulls Umad?

    Cam Bulls Umad?

  19. Pimpdaddy

    Nas and Cam on some german rappers album

    Ya'll fukk with this?
  20. Suspicions

    Dipset Mixtape Catalog

    Anyone got a link for dipsets mixtapes?