cancel culture

  1. DrexlersFade

    I hate you new nikkas They coming for LL now oh shyt cancel culture strikes again:snoop:

    I'm getting real sick of y'all fakkit new schoolers talking about some before y'all were even born. :pacspit:
  2. Low End Derrick

    DaBaby cuts Homosexual Pornstar out of Music Video after Finding Out He's not from Harlem

  3. NoirDynosaur

    Does Cancel culture and Political Correctness kill the fun of American culture?

    Cancel Culture was a phenomenon proposed by Millennials. What is Cancel Culture? Cancel culture refers to the practice of publicly calling out and shaming individuals or entities for behavior deemed unacceptable or offensive, often resulting in consequences such as loss of employment or...
  4. RageKage

    The 'Upside' of Cancel Culture

    Looked at my credit card statement, cancelled 5 subscriptions today. Two I didn't even know I still had. :gucci: Check this stuff out periodically, (I'm guilty of being lazy) it's too easy now for all of these companies to run your pockets while u sleep :francis:
  5. Low End Derrick

    Do These Pics & Videos Prove That (Black) People Still Love Kanye?

  6. Low End Derrick

    Kanye West x Andrew Tate Collaboration Coming Soon?

  7. Low End Derrick

    Jewish Man who is Trying to Cancel Kanye made Anti-Black Racist remarks; Enabled Weinstein Ye's response: EDIT: Ari's response:
  8. Low End Derrick

    The Big List of Problematic Artists and Songs; We Cancelling Them Or Nah? Some notable names: I wonder why there is/was a clamor to "cancel" some and not others...
  9. DrexlersFade

    Troy Aikman has the Karens and their feminine husbands furious :mjlol: Good lord .. someone actually referenced menstrual cramps as a reason this comment was so horrible. We are genuinely in a very fragile state as a...
  10. Days of Future Piff

    mocked/cancelled celebrities who deserve a second chance

    Examples: Will Smith was wrong for slapping Chris IMO, but I don’t think his whole 30+ year legacy deserves to be bushed over one mistake. So long as he apologizes and is seeking help he’s still alright with me. Hayden Christensen didn’t deserve all the hate for playing Anakin either...
  11. Low End Derrick

    Karen Storms Affion Crockett's Set For Being "Too Offensive"

  12. I

    Caitlyn Jenner Defends Dave Chappelle

  13. Joe Budden

    Floyd Mayweather refuses to take pic with gay man. LGBT community taking more L’s

  14. Listen

    Would this Stand Up Bit get this dude Canceled Today?

    I was driving in the car and heard this bit on the XM radio and had to look it up….and the name of the clip is “The Fatty” :russ: Could he still do this joke in 2021?
  15. Rhapture

    Can you cancel the dead? Or does being dead cancel out cancel culture?

    Is it time to cancel overrated Elvis? Presley claimed him and the underage Priscilla weren't sexually involved until she was of age. He claimed they only dated and she lost her virginity on their wedding night. When they started dating he was 24 and she was 14. Elvis Felt Pressured to Marry...
  16. Rhapture

    Tory Lanez trying to out petty 50 Cent

  17. Supercoolmayo

    Lou Dobbs canceled by far leftist Fox News

    Fox Business suddenly cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' its highest-rated show - CNN Fox News To Drop Lou Dobbs’ Nightly Business Show – Deadline
  18. I

    Twitter in a nutshell?

    :mjlol: at the gays and broke nikkas. Oan, Naijas are so creative.
  19. kwazzy100

    Are there certain songs from the past PC/ Cancel culture ruined for you?

    Like since you're listening to it now, all you think is "this song will not fly today" or cringe at some of the lyrics? Not to say it's not good songs, but listening to it now, does it make you feel a different way while you're listening to it during this type of social climate? Like these...
  20. Rhapture

    Minister Farrakhan on Arsenio Hall

    Saw this on Instagram a few minutes ago Cross Talk debate on the controversial interview