1. Playaz Eyez

    Latinos assimilating into white society part 5363849

    I’m sure we already knew this, but I enjoy seeing somebody completely out it out there like this
  2. Baka's Weird Case

    Chingy didnt deserve all this from Charlamagne

    one call away was fire :gucci: :princeisblessed: @Freddie.Cane @Muad'dib
  3. B

    Math Hoffa Addresses Charlamagne Issues/Case: That's His Karma, For..

  4. Spacely Sparkus

    Charlamagne Tha God's 2001 Rape Case Will Not Be Reopened - SC Ninth Circuit Solicitor

    Charlamagne Tha God Says, 'I Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone' "For the record, officials had always maintained that Charlamagne cooperated with the investigation and took a DNA test ... which did not produce any evidence that he had sexual contact with the girl. Charlamagne did, however...
  5. LSNpodcasts

    Brilliant Idiots Podcast - Top Bad Boy Rapper & Is Mase Nice?

    Shoutout to The Coli we really rock with you guys and want to start sharing more content here because the last time we were in Atlanta with the team someone ran up on us and asked us why we weren't on here. Salute to whoever that was cause we don't want any smoke beloved. So press play and enjoy.
  6. B

    Prodigy Speaks On Squashing Jay Z Beef With Charlamagne And Wendy Williams #ripprodigy

    Prodigy Exclusive Lost Interview With Charlamagne Tha God And Wendy Williams
  7. Judo

    Charlamagne On Point Reactions

    Whole video had me cracking up.:mjgiggle1: :hahahaha:
  8. B

    Charlamagne: Wiz Khalifa Gonna F*ck Angela Yee Raw Tonight? Wiz Gave Her Weed

  9. M

    Remember when Charlamagne ended Buffie the Body's career effective immediately?

    EDIT: No cliffs-- this interview is full of quotables from start to finish: This was just b4 CTG went to breakfast club, on his SC radio station Quotable for days "Why not Buffie the Brain?" :russ: "Are you a video model, video chick or video hoe?":mjlol: "bi*ch I only remember you from So...
  10. W

    Brehs.. Why didn't Star need security all those years but Charlamagne needs a bodyguard?

    Just listening to Star and he mentions his usual "I got 30 rounds for 30 clowns" when somebody said he might need security because of the Bambatta shyt. Star was much more reckless right , no?
  11. LevelUp

    Rick Ross Sends Charlamagne Bottles Of Belaire Rosé After TBC Birdman Interview

  12. B

    Mannie Fresh Clowning Birdman Antics On The Breakfast Club Too (Lmao)

  13. Lavish

    If the breakfast club don't give birdman donkey of the day, they're SHOOK

    Real shyt It'll be mission accomplished for birdman. They got all the reason to give him donkey of the dayday. Considering all the backlash birdman getting. I already sense Charlemagne is scared because he already talking that "birdman is right" "I respect birdman" "I don't want him back...
  14. moneyel

    JoJo Capone Explains Why Charlamagne Is Really The Sucker In The Birdman Situation

    CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! DoggieDiamondsTV Doggie Diamonds TV - DoggieDiamondsTV Chiraq General Jojo Capone explains why Charlamagne Tha God is really a punk when his issue is with Birdman, but he tried to deflect it on Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. Jojo Capone also says he witnessed Trick Daddy...
  15. President Sakora


  16. Cadillac

    Katt williams sending shots at Charlemagne tha Dog

  17. Giselle

    Ebro Exposes Charlamagne For Trying To Leave The Breakfast Club For Hot97,Bleaching,&Disses Envy

    Former program director at Hot 97 exposes Charlamagne Tha God for trying to leave Power 105's The Breakfast Club to start a new morning show at Hot 97. He clowns Charlamagne's alleged skin bleaching, and calls DJ Envy a bytch for trying to sue Hot 97, calls out Star for bytching out to him...
  18. Giselle

    Kanye West Was Telling The Truth About Taylor! TMZ Staff Member & Charlamange Confirm

    Start at 1: 34: 35
  19. Idaeo

    Anyone See Ja Rule Try to Rewrite History with 50 Cent on Uncommon Sense?

    when breh says "not really" i literally :mjlol: Ja is still delusional about what happened i guess....