1. Jesus H. Christ

    Cac visits O block :dame:

    He's lucky they didn't stomp him out till the white stuff come out
  2. TallMan_J

    Chicago Savages attempt execution of mother and son on the freeway.

    This is insane. :damn:
  3. Lord Beasley

    Might be stupid questions, but how have Lil Herb and Durk avoided jailtime?

    Herbo was/is facing charges in relation to scammin heard about it, then nothing :patrice: Durk was/is facing robbery & attempted murder charges w/ Von before...
  4. Apprentice

    Lil Jay says Akademiks didn’t instigate Chicago beefs

    He said if u mad u mad he wasn’t making bread :mjlol: He said it’s the Chicago nikkas fault for postin the shyt online :hubie: Ak won let’s keep it real, from internet nikka to media mogul shyt wild
  5. FAH1223

    Deer on the Road, Bullies Heading Home w/no Headlights: Official Bulls (#6) vs. Bucks (#3) 1st Round

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups :
  6. ab.aspectus

    The Demise of America’s Onetime Capital of Black Wealth

    The Demise of America’s Onetime Capital of Black Wealth Chicago was once known for its power marriage of Black business and politics. Today, many Black-owned companies have shuttered, dramatically changing the city's landscape. Alvin Boutte Sr. (far right) speaking with Edwin C. “Bill” Berry...
  7. ab.aspectus

    Asian Creh Decided to Take A Little Stroll to Lake Michigan....

    Didn’t know he was in Lake Michigan.... A University of Chicago student. How you smart but stupid? :wtf:
  8. Playaz Eyez

    Sauce Gohan - Last Laugh

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @Bickin Back Being Bool @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @Long Live The...
  9. pickles

    Chicago brehs come get this L :mjlol:

    I didn't know you had beetlejuice as your mayor.:pachaha: How the fukk is she balding like that?? Happy Kwanzaa!! She had the audacity to include her white woman in this. :mjpls: :mjlol:
  10. ISO

    B Lovee “My Everything” Remix ft. G-Herbo

    One of the hottest songs in NYC and on TikTok Herb blessed thank god A-Boogie version wasn’t released he didn’t sound right on this
  11. JadeB

    Chicago and Los Angeles will start pilot universal basic income programs

    Chicago and Los Angeles will launch universal basic income pilot programs, with applications opening tomorrow. Los Angeles will pay $1000 to 3200 families every month, while Chicago will send $500 to 5000 families. The programs will cost $40 million and $31.5 million, respectively, according...
  12. ab.aspectus

    Chicago Voted The Second Most Beautiful City In The World

    Chicago was just voted the 2nd most beautiful city in the world Yup, we beat out Paris. When you're describing Chicago to out-of-towners, which adjectives come to mind first? If "beautiful" is near the top of the list, you're in good company: Chicago was just ranked the second most beautiful...
  13. O Fenômeno

    Anyone listen to GLENN UNDERGOUND? (House heads)

    That 909 swing shuffle :ahh: Of you know any beats like this please post...:ohlawd: Post in spoilers if you got more than one link phone is :flabbynsick: when too many youtube links get posted
  14. tunes757

    Albums Abstract Mindstate - DREAMS STILL INSPIRE (every tracked produced by Kanye West) (AUG 6)

    Daphne "E.P Da Hellcat" Mitchell and Greg "Olskool Ice-Gre" Lewis founded Abstract Mindstate in Mississippi in the late '90s, eventually returning to their native Chicago. There, the duo became part of the local scene, which included everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Twista to Chilldrin of da Ghetto...
  15. ab.aspectus

    Chicago Prisoners Got it Good

    They be paying people to smash on top of that building too. R Kelly in his cell right now like...
  16. Low End Derrick

    Albums Kanye West - DONDA Deluxe (Discussion Thread)

  17. ab.aspectus

    Chicago Mayor Only Granting Interviews to Black and Brown Journalist....The Whites Going Spastic

    What about that "brown" coalition.... Ungrateful m'fers. I'd cancel the browns, too.
  18. ab.aspectus

    Has Anyone Else Heard That The Roughest and Most Crude Slaves Went to Mississippi?

    I was just reminded of this after hearing a woman retell a story and mention it. Is there historical truth to this? Being from Chicago and a son of Mississippi, there is an aggression that black people have in Chicago, that I haven't really seen anywhere else. Chicago nikkas go from 0-100 at...
  19. O Fenômeno

    Anyone a HOUSE MUSIC fan?

    House music is black music ..whites seem to have taken over the genre. Chicago is credited with the birthplace of HOUSE. Techno moreso Detroit. It took off majorly in Europe as well.. Anyone have any suggestions? I like that simple 80s sound with the 808/909 and synths. @Art Barr you mess...
  20. Apprentice

    Parkway Gardens in Chicago for Sale

    Us outsiders kno it as “O-Block” not a pocket watcher, hope these artists can put money together and buy their blocks tho more incentive to take care of sumn U own and invested in