1. M

    Why Ricardo Richards looking at Russ wife like he wanna test drive?

    :ufdup: :ufdup: that's a married woman. Russ should've made a scene instead of picking up his wife dress like a simp. AFC West lost again :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol:
  2. Warren Peace

    Channing Crowder Targets Russell Wilson Again: "He Ain't My Type Of Dude" At what point does this start getting kinda weird and non harlem like :patrice:
  3. Ahadi

    Ciara making that THANG jump: VIDEO IN THREAD

    Go Russ :wow:
  4. FluffyEyes

    Ciara received her masters for free from label

    That is absolutely insane to me. :ohhh: Good on her for taking advantage of their underestimation of her work. Even if you don't like Ciara's recent hits, her 2000s catalog is worth something. All those hits she had. That's not even all of them
  5. Ahadi

    Russell Wilson: “Stay Squared Up My Friends”

    :wow: Go Russ.
  6. I

    Brehs, Who You Think Won This Challenge? Ciara or Minnie?

    First vid is Minnie. Second vid is Ciara. :jbhmm: Think Minnie blew Ciara out. :noah:
  7. Jean Jacket

    Anybody know this Chick? She needs her own show.

  8. Playaz Eyez

    Do you think Jazzy Pha & Cee-Lo were about to drop a classic album after this song???

  9. Anerdyblackguy

    I can definitely see why Russell got Ciara pregnant (got damn)

    :mindblown: How does she move like that four months pregnant?
  10. M

    How do you feel about Angela yee type women?

    They are known whores but they like to act like they are angels and they get mad when you call them whores I don't get it:what: I hate them type of women I think they are worse than prostitutes They see no problem with sucking 20 different dikks per day but they can't Stand the word whore...
  11. Rhapture

    Ciara, Megan Thee Stallion or Teyana Taylor - Who do you think is the best

    In Bed? I remember when this video ^ was banned lol
  12. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 17 - Mya

    So Day 16 of RTS had Monica ending with a 7.22/10 placing her in the top 10 so far. Leaderboard:
  13. Anerdyblackguy

    Future gives Baby Russ a Rolex for his fifth birthday

    :hubie:I wouldn’t do it but I don’t have Future Money.
  14. Codeine Bryant

    Seahawks Suspect Russell Wilson Wants Out

    Report: Seahawks suspect Wilson wants to play elsewhere Russell Wilson Wants To Leave Seahawks? Dak for Russ. Do it, Jerry :mjcry:
  15. Colicat

    Ciara’s musical comeback

    Are y’all feeling her new songs? I am here for this Goodies/ Oh Ciara returning.
  16. Londilon

    Future responds to Ciara's post about being wife material

    What he was responding to:
  17. Playaz Eyez

    Instant Fast Forward Songs

    You know these types of songs, where you hear the first note and either immediately cut it off, or just leave the room. This could be any type of song too, and doesn't matter how new or old. Will list some of mine: Great song no doubt, but I've been hearing this non-stop for more than 20 years...
  18. Archangel

    Which One of These Non-Singing Women Had the Greatest Run?

    These 3 dominated the radio waves during my high school years 04-08 but it doesn't take a trained ear to notice that all of them have struggle voices. Without great production teams behind them, these 3 would have never made it in the industry. But who does the coli say is the worse of the 3...
  19. j.smooth4

    Who's worse when it comes to choices in wives Russ or RG3

    In rthe recent wake of rg3's divorce OR his first wife ciara
  20. Pdiddy

    Is Russell Wilson Still a Simp?

    Since he finally banged Ciara, is he now out of the simp category?