classic shows

  1. Rhapture

    The "Digit Ho" episode of A Different World has to be one of its Top 5 funniest episodes

    The episode where everyone thought Terrell taped a piece of paper that said "Digit ho" on Charmaines back but it was really her fake ass roommate Gina :mjlol: Terrell was one of the best characters of the last season.
  2. Homey the clown

    She's your queen to be

    She’s your queen to be: A queen to be forever, A queen who’ll do whatever his highness desires.:shaq: She’s your queen to be: A vision of perfection, An object of affection to quench your royal fire.:takedat: Completely free from infection, To be used at your discretion, Waiting only for your...
  3. mannyrs13

    Official Black TV Show Tiers Thread

    So I got inspired by one of the brehs in the thread yesterday on parenthood vs hughleys to make a tier thread on black tv shows. It was a post by some breh with nets in his name, sorry I can't recall you and too lazy to go look. Anyways thought it'd be cool to create a thread where everyone can...