1. JadeB

    It's crazy how far the term ADOS came

    @38:01 It's crazy how far the term ADOS came. This was literally just a Coli/Tariq term two years ago and now it's getting mentioned on mainstream YouTube videos:heh: The Coli's influence is unmatched
  2. NoirDynosaur

    Dangerous Flesh-Eating Microbes Pose Growing Threat Along US Coast

    Dangerous Flesh-Eating Microbes Pose Growing Threat Along US Coast Earth's atmosphere and oceans are heating up beyond any previous point in human history, triggering a cascade of changes around the planet that our species is racing to manage. This is due to anthropogenic climate change, of...
  3. NoirDynosaur


    TikTok hit with £12.7 million fine for giving underage children access and 'misusing' data TikTok hit with £12.7 million fine for giving underage children access and ‘misusing’ data TikTok has 28 days to submit arguments in an appeal against the amount of the fine. The UK’s data watchdog fined...
  4. NoirDynosaur


    Malia Obama is staying in the Donald Gloverbusiness. As part of a new GQ cover story on the “Atlanta” creator, Glover revealed that his newly-created production company, Gilga, is developing a short film with Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. GQ confirmed Malia is...
  5. africngiant

    6-figure coli breh focused on himself but the hoes didn’t come

    what should he have done instead?
  6. RARI_Godwind

    Which one of you Coli brehs CATCALLED this PAWG!??

    :45 :wow: We may have finally reached the tipping point where PAWG will go out of network. Cacs and Nonblacks may finally slay it once and for all as they have with our beloved Simp. But I want to see hands in this mf! :birdman: Who done it?? :lolbron:
  7. J.E.T.S

    Dairy Queen just took over my screen brehs…

    I ain’t like that shyt at all. These ads have evolved. & the refreshes that delete ya texts are fukking amazing dawg.
  8. It is a mystery

    Coli posters becoming bougie due to site upgrades unappreciation

    It's obvious from some of the posts I read here that brehs are starting to feel themselves due to being on a newer forum. Brehs think that now that they on an upgraded coli these broads better upgrade too and look at anyone below a 10 as SCUST. Anyone miss the humble coli of the past? When we...
  9. Tair

    Some cool things you can do now

    Instant preview in quick reply You can ignore entire forums like JBO :banderas: You can break up a post with a horizontal line You can create tables: Fruit Calories Banana, Medium 105 Orange 70 You can drag smilies around before you post. Posting code is better #include...
  10. JadeB

    Is the Coli shutting down for real?

  11. Kool Ted

    Which Michael Jackson Album is the best to jam to?

    Im jammin to the "BAD" album as I type this and on dat Budweiser beer. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.....The Greatest.
  12. Kool Ted

    Which Wu Tang Clan solo albums age real gracefully during this time?

    Thats Liquid Swords by GZA/Genuis age gracefully and im jammin it right this minute on Easter Weekend.
  13. B1G_controversy

    Coli Incel Clubbin' in the NO

    Watch trending videos for you | TikTok :mjlol:
  14. Black Panther

    Overweight Coli Breh Gets Cheated On, Then Sings A Song About It

  15. Doctor Wily

    Get on the bus - Black Repulican scene

    Is the typical back and forth you read on the coli especially the past few years
  16. Days of Future Piff

    hardest songs ever made by non-rap artists

    Ghetto Life goes hard and Zapp and Roger had bangers for days. Any other contenders?
  17. Coli Pawgs

    Coli Pawgs

  18. coli vaccination team

    coli vaccination team

    coli dahell mjgrin 2pac mjlit syringe vaccine doctors dr drs doctor multiple
  19. FaTaL

    Get VENEERS and look LIKE a HORSE, poor coli Breh

    Somebody should tell him you can’t go back :mjlol: