coons exposing themselves

  1. cobra

    c00n gets run over and beaten up by New Yorkers

  2. Sankofa Alwayz

    c00n got caught in the doghouse

    You can’t make this stuff up :mjgrin:
  3. LightSkinYeshua

    Battle rapper goes in on opponents daughter & wife because they are dark skinned

    This is absolutely disgusting. we really need to drop this type if mentality and uplift our darkskin sistas. i aint gonna lie tho, nikka had bars
  4. Hater's Liberator

    This is how you smoke a c00n brehs .....

    w/ some turtle on the side .. :ehh: 27:00
  5. JesusFOREVER

    Michael Blackson has become one of those racist cartoon caricatures

    :francis: Da hell happened to this man? Chasing a cac bytch around like one of those black and white 1920s ass Woodrow Wilson slave movies :scust:
  6. Another Man

    Ive noticed a certain c00n/wench kneejerk as of late....

    Ive noticed that anytime you have black folk trying to villify other black folk on certain things, like basically singling them out acting as if said behaviors or activities are exclusive to them, and someone points out that other races do the same thing, c00ns and wenches are quick to say shyt...
  7. RolandColtrane

    getting a thread bushed for "race baiting" unappreciation

    so we can't talk about how the Congressional Black Caucus is introducing legislation on behalf of spicy cacs and how this continued caping for the Black community on behalf of people that never reciprocate and are part of virulently anti-black cultures is "race baiting"?? :gucci: it's my first...
  8. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Who is the number 1 pandering poster on this site?

    In this echo chamber of dap fishers, dikk riders, simps, pick me's, $ex workers, deviants, incels, agents, militants, nikka nerds, trolls, c00ns and cacs, who among us panders the most? :jbhmm:
  9. KingZaire_

    Viola Davis says black woman aren't romantically linked with white men enough in flims

    I'm trying to get that second plat :ohlawd: Let's start a dialogue :mjgrin:
  10. King of Creampies

    MAGA c00nness gets pressed about her c00nery and doesn't like it.

    Unfortunately the video is embedded on her twitter and I saw this on another site.
  11. LightSkinYeshua

    RG3 proving how beautiful Interracial love is

  12. Rhule the World

    Why does childhood ranking cause c00ns/wenches to hate the opposite sex of their race?

    :patrice:Help me yall A lot of black men & women that date/marry out say "Black kids called me an Oreo growing up, they made fun of my skin tone/hair/being African, they said I talk like a white boy/girl, I was too fat/skinny" etc. My thing is, at the same time this was going on, where was...
  13. RolandColtrane

    African American Children, The Original DREAMers, Who Will Fight For Them?

    good read brehs :ehh:
  14. ORDER_66

    Be a black filmmaker and make excuses for racists brehs... :francis:

    If y'all know Kevin Grivioux y'all know he's made the underworld trilogy and been a writer and actor on alot of shyt but damn he's just been c00ning all across twitter on some dumb shyt... And frankly I'm tired of it. I called him out let's see if he responds... Such a disappointment...:snoop:
  15. Snake316

    Brandon Carter should be nominated for The c00n Train Awards 2017

    Just straight up embarrassing, even the white people in the room are CLEARLY uncomfortable with Brandon's c00ning. People in the comments are saying that they will be contacting Tariq to put this nikka on the c00n train awards. I agree
  16. King of Creampies

    Charles Barkley Says Steph Curry’s White House Controversy “Sets a Bad Precedent”

  17. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    If you not dating or wifing a black woman, I ain't tryin' to hear shyt you gotta say about 'em

    :yeshrug:You all cuddled up with becky but got 1000000000 things to pick on our women about, talking about why she wearing weave like a sissy is some fukk shyt imo. :yeshrug:you couldn't be bothered to date em but up here pocket watching, crying about how she dating Dre from up the street, what...
  18. King of Creampies

    Black Conservative On Philando Castile & Police Shootings! "It's Justified"!

  19. Black Steph Curry

    Tell Me Brehs (and Brehettes)

    How does a nikka get the motivation 2 do something substantial in his life? Ive always had a talent 4 a lot of things in life, but ive never had the inner drive to capitalize on any of my talents, i think partly bcuz i never really had 2 work hard 2 shine. I almost always get the highest...
  20. cjlaw93

    So Coli c00ns think they can be Pro Black while dating outside their race

    This is an interesting topic because it brings out the real c00n in people. BW get bashed on this site all the time and get called "bedwenches" for tasting saltines but brehs think it's okay and have the audacity to call themselves "Pro black" while laying up with cave women and making mixed...