dame dash

  1. Exit9NJturnpike

    Dame Dash with Sway in the morning!!! Uncut: Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lee Daniels Lawsuit

    :blessed: Dame always drops gems. Sitting at work about to watch this piff.
  2. thernbroom

    Dame is going at jay again

  3. M

    Dame Dash and Kanye West new movie "Loisaidas"

    Here’s the official trailer for Losaidas, the new film from executive producers Dame Dash and Kanye West. Smoke DZA, The LOX and Murda Mook all feature prominently, as we saw in the “No Selfies” video. The film “tells a tale of young hustlers trying to make it out out of the harsh streets of...
  4. thernbroom

    Dame Dash answers - "Do You Owe Beanie Sigel Money?"

  5. Big Boss

    Damon Dash "Apologies To The Girls In Big Pimpin Video"

  6. AMcV'88

    Jim Jones shyttin on Dame now ? calls him a thief

    20 minutes ago This nikka here is th real culture vulture n a thief fukk fakkit lol back to my day edit-Dame's response; :yeshrug:
  7. Yung Yogurt

    Dame Dash should be a black activist...

    Think about it, dude is a loud mouth aggresive nikka that hates wrongdoing and loves lining his pockets. He has the same qualities as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson! Dude is skilled and smart enough to get some shyt accomplished for black people and make some money while doing it. I think Al...
  8. LevelUp

    Damon Dash "Ask Dame" Email Questions From The People 8/14

    Hip Hop Motivation's The Barber Walters "Ask Dame" questions from the hhmquestions@gmail.com inbox from the people who submitted questions 8/14. Music by inviziblehandz@gmail.com www.poppingtongallery.com www.thesecrettoballin.com Make sure you send all questions to hhmquestions@gmail.com
  9. Street Knowledge

    Dame Dash Slams Kanye For Being Disloyal

    http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2014/07/dame-dash-slams-kanye-disloyal Dame Dash Slams Kanye For Being Disloyal Getty Image Remember when Dame Dash was on Instagram, putting nameless people on blast for turning their backs on Roc-A-Fella records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke? Remember...
  10. Street Knowledge

    Dame Dash’s Lawyer Wants To Quit For Lack Of Payments

    http://allhiphop.com/2014/07/17/dame-dashs-lawyer-wants-to-quit-for-lack-of-payments/ Dame Dash’s Lawyer Wants To Quit For Lack Of Payments (AllHipHop News) Music mogul Dame Dash is facing a couple of lawsuits at the moment, but it appears his lawyer no longer wants to represent him during his...
  11. Real

    Dame Dash says Steve Stoute is a reason why Hip Hop is dead

    Video: Damon Dash Says Steve Stoute Is The Reason Hip Hop Is DEAD & He's BROKE! 'I Don't LIKE Dat Dude!'
  12. Newark88

    Jay-Z and Dame Dash backstage last night at the Staples Center for MCHG Tour