1. Franklin Clinton

    New Kelela album, RAVEN out February 10, 2023

    New song out today, On the Run
  2. C

    Other Caribana Weekend Music

    post anything, dont gotta be recent shyt only
  3. A

    Do the Millennial Generation Have Any Classic Dance Hits?

    I think we can name number of Gen X Disco, House, Euro Dance hits that still hit today. Are there any Millennial dance tunes that will stand the test of time? I can’t seem to think of any that doesn’t sound dated. I can still listen to some Crunk but not sure if we can classify that as dance.
  4. Embrehyo

    Bum Pon It - How to Dance

    You're Welcome...
  5. Diddy dance

    Diddy dance

  6. S

    Who remembers the 'Jerking' era ?

    Ahh circa 2010 :mjlol:. What was the consensus on this on here ? Was sohh/coli fukking with it ? Was it like mumble rap where it was an unstoppable force that everyone kinda hated and loved ?
  7. MJ dance

    MJ dance

  8. R

    SERIOUS: How do I dance like Ginuwine, Breezy, etc?

    I want to be an R&B artist and this generation dead ass got no dancers. I want to be the best I can be at this thing.
  9. Troll Bron dance

    Troll Bron dance

  10. YeahDance


  11. Neuromancer

    How many of you can actually dance?

    I mean like moon walk and shyt not just a wack ass two-step?:jbhmm:
  12. Dirty Sprite Legendary

    Lil Pump Dancing while J Cole Serves Him Ether Live On Stage

    no idea if this has been posted already crowd screams fukk lil pump too at the end :ohhh::mjlol::mjcry:
  13. Marco Andretti

    Sohh we Don't have a Real Thread on Famous Amos?(not from sohh lol)

    Nah really I just wanted to say Sohh lol But I ain't been on this bytch in a minute!! .. just lurk JBO from time to time to see what's new :lolbron: @Freddie.Cane @Gustavo J :lolbron: But I searched and we ain't got NOO thread on my boy killin shyt ?:mjlol::mjlol: The videos are just a...
  14. OG Jelly Roll Dance

    OG Jelly Roll Dance

  15. FlabbyNSick Al Dance

    FlabbyNSick Al Dance

  16. Al Sharpton Dance Gif

    Al Sharpton Dance Gif

  17. FlabbyNSick Dance Remix

    FlabbyNSick Dance Remix

  18. Dance gif

    Dance gif

  19. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Opinion from the Coli brehettes

    What song instantly makes your bootah start moving ladies? @BlackPearl The Empress @ChiefQueen @StarGirl @The5thLetter @biscuitsnbangers @Prima Donna @Queen of the Dead @Sassy @Imperfect Perfectionista @Elle Driver @Ria_21 Like its definitely uncontrollable, as soon as this song reaches...
  20. Soul train white guy

    Soul train white guy