1. DapMeUp!

    Official Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Thread

    My nikkas we byke! :blessed::wow::ahh: Be safe though I can't bless the OP right since I'm at work but feel free to add the flavour to this thread...Pics, Songs Etc...
  2. TheEmpress

    [NEW] Music Bruse Wane - Sunrise 2 Sunset

    [NEW] MUSIC BRUSE WANE - SUN RISE 2 SUN SET Sunrise 2 Sunset is the first single off Bruse Wane's upcoming "Prodigal Son" album. Having carved his name into the underground Hip Hop Scene Bruse Wane returns to his Jamaican roots on the upcoming album. Wane will be delivering strictly heart...
  3. CoolinInTheCut

    Other Caribana Weekend Music

    post anything, dont gotta be recent shyt only
  4. Unkle Kalfou

    18 year old son of Legendary Dancehall Singjay, Mavado, found guilty of murder

    Dante Brooks, the teenage son of Jamaican international entertainer Mavado, has been convicted of murder. Brooks, 18, was also found guilty of illegal possession of firearm and arson in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston today. His co-accused, Andre Hinds, was also found guilty. The...
  5. Embrehyo

    Bum Pon It - How to Dance

    You're Welcome...
  6. JulesWinfield

    Albums Protoje - In Search of Lost Time (Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-Hop)

    Protoje's new album drops next week on the 28th. All the singles so far have been fire. Like Royalty is one of the top songs of the summer for me. Don't sleep on Indiggnation! Best collective releasing music in Jamaica right now. Protoje, Sevana, Lila Iké, Ziah. Too much talent to...
  7. JulesWinfield

    Albums Buju Banton - Upside Down 2020 Live Listening Party right now

  8. B

    Mixtapes & EPs B.Major megathread

    True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Co. Present B. Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol.2 (A Hip Hop Mix Tape) True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Present: B.Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol. 2 (A Hip Hip MixTape) *track list below If you like what you hear PLEASE take a quick minute and follow B.Major on his...
  9. Embrehyo

    Hot97 1995 Dancehall Ride


    BROOKLYN BAD BOY'S KING ADDIES presents BUJU BANTON exclusive DUBPLATES (30 plus tracks)..

    danny dread (addies) ..babyface (addies)...donoven germain (penthouse records)...buju banton with baldhead. 1993 at the Starlight Ballroom in Brooklyn New York ya see we? we nah romp fi kill soundbwoi when we come..we come fi KILL :bustback...
  11. Yo Mama

    Perfect legs - I'm Still In Love With You

    Its an old song but the legs of the girl in the shorts who dances at the beginning of the video are great. "Cliff gif": The whole girl is pretty great. **** The last part with the teens or whatever ruins the video for me. EDIT: No homo...
  12. ISO

    *NEW SINGLE* A-Boogie wit da Hoodie ft. Alkaline | Nonchalant

    The track is dropping at Midnight :blessed:
  13. djfilthyrich

    Mixtapes & EPs [NEW] 90's Reggae-Hip Hop Vol. 2 - DJ Filthy Rich

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the 1st volume, I had an idea to create a series of mixes containing 90’s dancehall reggae artists over 90’s hip hop beats. Everything from popular hits to obscure white label-only remixes, including my own custom blends of 90’s reggae acapellas over...
  14. S

    French Montana: Weeknd/Max B video DONE, Pharrell/Harry Fraud song DONE; 2 tapes + Album OTW

    BILLBOARD: French Montana Screens New Documentary 'Project: Unforgettable,' Previews Weeknd, Max B & Pharrell Collaborations in New York City After flooding Hot 97's Summer Jam with hits on Sunday, French Montana kept the party going with his listening and screening party at New York City's...
  15. dewigged negged

    dewigged negged

  16. lowkey0z

    jamaican dancehall artist shenseea..:wow:

    dropped a video with vybz kartel not too long ago either, that hook is fukking fire :whoo: all around a VERY nice lookin' chick :whew:
  17. Jimi Swagger

    Alkaline passes Vybz Kartel to become dancehall’s most popular artist.

    Didn't realize he was as popular in just 3 years as Vybz (who is on his Gucci Mane hustle releasing hot music from prison). Wonder why everyone is bleaching though :what: Yardie brehs, explain this... Gaza fans will not like this but it is true. Alkaline has now bypassed Vybz Kartel to...
  18. CinnaSlim

    NYC West Indian/Labor Day Parade

    Who's going?
  19. The Mad Titan

    The DBZ squad just dropped the best dance hall song of the year.

    :russ::russ::russ::laff::laff::laff::laff: I can't stop laughing. :wow:
  20. Embrehyo

    Is the mid 90s the apex and end of mainstream Black consciousness?

    As an 80s baby... I grew up with Pac, Biggie, Naughty by Nature, Jay Z, Nas...Bone Thugs etc.... One thing that remains constant is that during my youth, being on the east coast listening to Hot 97.1 seven days a week...thru the 90's.. I felt radio truly reflected my world and mindset.. from...